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Deolu Akinyemi

On the 1st of July, 2011 Avenues to Wealth pre-launches an exciting phenomena called “Our Shop”! For all who care to listen, I have informed them over and over again, that Avenues to Wealth Nigeria is yet to start. We will start officially on October 1, 2011 when we commemorate our 3rd anniversary. If you thought you understood the potentials and possibilities of A2W, think again. With “our shop”, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Follow me on this exciting vision with your imagination. In a few seminars around the country where I have shared this concept, the feedback below is an example of what I have usually received.

Imagine we all have all jointly have a shop called “Our Shop”. Where will you rather shop? People shout “Our Shop!” Why will you buy from “our shop”? People answer – because it’s our shop! Will you buy from another shop because it’s cheaper? People shout – No!. I ask why? and they answer, because whatever price it is in “our shop”, the profit still comes back to us. I ask, what if it is cheaper in our shop? They chorus answer, “then it makes it more definite that we will buy from our shop”.

Now imagine that every time that you buy from our shop you get an opportunity to share 40% of the profits made on the purchase of that product and you also get to share 10% from the profits made from the purchases of members of your team. At this point, distributors can no longer contain their excitement and begin to clap. (Then I go ahead to share some inner gist that are

Everyday, we all spend money on certain products. From recharge cards, to provisions, to groceries, to food and beverages, toiletries, electronics e.t.c. Imagine that we create a model where all these things can be in our shop. We stock the fast moving products in our warehouse and we create a brochure to showcase all the products we have partners who can supply immediately there is a request.

While what it takes to set up the back office and front office of our office requires months of programming and negotiations. The good news however is it’s all done, and we can prelaunch this from July 1. By October 1, by God’s grace, we’ll be relaunching Avenues to Wealth afresh.

It’s with a sense of  deep humility, joy and excitement that I announce on this blog, that the new phase of Avenues to Wealth is about to begin. The vision is to own event centers in every state, to own shopping malls in every commercial city, to have special shops every 5 mins apart in every city, to have 2,000,000 home owners and be relevant, economically, socially and politically.

Tell your friends ahead. Tell them to come and be a part of “Our Shop”, join us in buying the future!

If you are a distributor with Avenues to Wealth already, take this note above and email it to your friends. If you are not, get on board.

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