Do You Have a Heart for It?

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Deolu Akinyemi

Many of us desire greatness, we want our names immortalized, we want to live unforgettable lives. We don’t want to live our lives merely on the lower rungs of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. We want to live actualized lives, lives that have impact and that have the testimony of positively affecting others. We want to enjoy an abundance of God’s favor, to manifest uncommon wisdom, we to be nationally relevant and global in our influence. We desire much!

The interesting thing as well, is that gifts, favor, wisdom, talents,  finance, relationships are things that God can give. Even men with influence and affluence can give gifts, you can leverage on their favor, tap into their wisdom, gain access into their finance, utilize their resources and harness their relationships. There is however one factor that has to be
yours and yours alone – your heart! The question on my mind for you today, is do you have a heart for the greatness that you desire? The only stumbling block, the only deterrent, the only hinderance between you and the life of your dreams is not what God can give you, it’s what you can make prepared yourself.

“For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him” – 2 Chronicles 16:9″

Even God is selective in who he strengthens. How much more men! I have thought about it long and hard, that if I have an opportunity that is bigger than me, and I’m given the privilege of getting 20 people to plug into the opportunity and empower, which people will I chose? Will I chose the most skilled? Will I chose the most charismatic? The most educated? Or will I go for the most trustworthy? Will I chose skill over dependability? Or will I elevate charisma over character? Your guess is as good as mine, that I will cast my vote for a committed heart, for the right attitude, for the attributes that are likely to make meaning out of all the skill, gifts and favor that the person carries. The question to you again about the things
you desire, do you have the heart for them?

Of course you understand already that by the use of the word heart, I’m not talking about the blood pumping centre of the human anatomy. No, the use of heart here transcends biology. The heart in this question, is the central core of the human. Just as the heart of the earth or the heart of the sea means their core. The heart here is your core, and believe it or not, you
are the one with the say on the content of your heart! The heart is the wellspring of life, everything you become, everything you say, everything that oozes out of your personality is a stream whose source is deep down in your heart. Your heart is the source of your emotions, the source of your words and thoughts, the source of your plans and deep seated intentions,
it’s from your heart that your life flows!

This same core, is responsible for your lot in life. Interestingly even the wisest king ever to walk the earth declares boldly that the preparation of the heart belongs to man! The essence of your being – courage, character, attitude, intent, temperance, love e.t.c. all stem from the heart, the cultivation of which is your responsibility.

No matter how skilled, gifted or favored you are, if your heart is not ready for greatness, greatness will perpetually elude you. No matter how smooth your talk, if you can’t be trusted, there is a limit to how much people will confide in you. No matter how great your charisma, if you don’t have an impeccable character, your rise is at your own peril, for though you go up,
you must come to the level of your character.

As you exert yourself for your journey to greatness, prepare your heart. Give God access to your heart. Ask him in prayer to give you singleness of heart, and renew a right spirit within you. Ask him to replace your heart of stone with a heart of flesh. Ask him to help you to make your heart perfect and committed to him. Engage your mouth to inscribe on the tablets of your heart. Open yourself up to positive information, get your wellspring overwhelmed with good thoughts, words, pictures and experiences.

Put a gate on your heart, and chose the things that have access to the core of your being. Then wait patiently for your change to come.

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