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Deolu Akinyemi

I was reading a story some days ago that I had read before, but it struck me in a new way! It is a proverb, that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I have noticed this a lot in my life. That what I have seen before takes on new meaning because of the experiences that I am having. I know for how long I drove in the car with my dad for example, without paying attention to how the car was driven. It came to a time however, that the student in me was so ready, that everything that was done became a lesson for me. We are at various points in our journey, and the stories told today may not be relevant to you today, but keep them close to your heart, for as soon as the student in you is ready, the teacher will appear!

In this story, a prophet was about to die, this prophet was not a fake prophet, he was a real prophet. He was real in that he had said different things and they had come to pass, he had also done many great works, and miracles and signs. He was a respected and highly revered prophet in the land, and even the king was installed by him. On his death bed, the king came to him, and sought for him to bless him this last time. To appeal to his emotions, the king said the same words that the prophet uttered when his own mentor was departing. The prophet was touched, he decided to bless the king, but not in the conventional way of blessing, he requested that the king perform some acts of symbolism as a channel for his blessings.

What you are about to read, is the strategy for ensuring that that which is yours in potential, reaches you in reality. Enjoy!

The prophet asked the king to go get a bow and arrows, he asked him to open the window and shoot the arrow out. The prophet put his hands on the kings hands and he shot the arrow out. He declared that those arrows were the arrows of the deliverance of his people from another country. The arrows were the seal of his blessing and victory.  He now asked him to pick up more arrows, and smite them on the ground in front of him. This the king did this three times and stopped.

When the prophet saw this, he was angry, “why did you smite it three times and stop?” The prophet explained to the king, that now that he stopped with three attempts, he would only triumph 3 times and stop. If he had smitten many more times, then he would have been able to wipe them out completely and secure his victory. Because he did not do enough, his victory would be short-lived  {For a fuller version of the story read – 2 Kings 13:14-19}

Now back to you and I.  There are numerous possibilities surrounding your life, there are loads of blessings that have been declared over your life and even for you about this year. There is what you can do and have the potentials for. Maybe you have been told that you will encounter open doors, that you will be favoured, or that you’ll be blessed in your going out and your coming in.  Maybe you know that you have potentials to be great, to be rich, to be famous, to lead, to be the best that you can be. Maybe there is more to you than meets the eye, and maybe it’s all just potentials and is not currently manifesting. The question I want to ask you today is are you doing enough?  What if you decided to make more calls than you currently make, what if you decided to try harder, what if you set yourself a target of trails and not triumphs of failures and not successes, what if you decided to give yourself goals that make you do more, that make you try harder, that make you strike it more than 10 times?

More often than not, the responsibility for our success lies in our hands. God has blessed, He has made the way, he has even planted the waters in the wilderness, but how will you and I know if we don’t get moving? How will we reap the harvest if we don’t go to the farm. We cannot get 10 over 5.  If your potential is 10 and you gun for 5 you will never get 10. If the doors before you are all opened and you only try to access 2 of the doors, you will never know what was behind the other doors. God’s blessings are no excuses for laziness, they are genuine reasons for work. It is a rare revelation when a mortal discovers, that he has a shared responsibility in ensuring that whatever it was that is his by divine blessings materializes.

I’ll give you my personal example, the day that academic excellence began to matter to me, was the day I discovered that the fact that God’s words says that I have more understanding than my teachers or the ancients was not sufficient reason for me to begin to manisfest the same. If the divine calls me intelligent, then I must work like one who wants to be. I must read like I would understand, I must prepare like someone working back from the answers to the question. If indeed you want to be victorious, then you must not strike it 3 times and relax, you must strike it with passion and more.

I’m sure there is a statement I made a while ago that should trouble you a bit. I said count your trials not your triumphs, count your failures not your successes. Yeah, I said that, and here is how that works. If I told myself that I want to reach 50 companies, in my quest to reach 50, I might indeed succeed with 10, someone who set the goal of succeeding with 10 however might give up after 30 unsuccessful attempts because he didn’t set a goal of trying and trying. The process of success has many failures in it, and once we make up our mind that we are willing to fail 100 times before we give up, we’ll have discovered a secret to success.

I once read in a book the science of getting rich, that once your thoughts can hold on to what you want, and your desire for it is strong enough, the connecting module of your visualizations and desires is your actions. You need to begin to act in a certain way, and then your desire will find a channel within your work to become manifest. This means you need to step up the quality and quantity of your delivery in line with your desire. Your wealth is real in potential form, but it will not manifest until you do enough and perhaps more.

What do you need to do? Do it with passion! What is the work that your hand currently finds? Do it with all your might? Are you working for someone, then do the work as if you are working for God. Whatever it is that is in your hands, don’t take it lightly, it’s your connection to your next level. Do more!

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