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Deolu Akinyemi

The world cup is probably the most attention grabbing event in the world today. It happens once in 4 years but is unrivaled by the olympics, despite the fact that more sporting events are featured in it. To what event can we compare the World Cup? The swearing in of a new pope does not carry so much world interest, neither does the election of any of the worlds presidents, nor can you compare any one country’s independence day celebration with the global attention this one sport commands. Football!

Does it amaze you like it does me? That 25 grown up men (including the referees and their assistants-linesmen) spend a good part of 90 minuites running around chasing a leather ball? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the game, in fact, my first audible word as a growing child was “ball” – Evidenced by my carefully filled out baby book 🙂

But can you imagine what on earth would have happened if in the game of football, there were no goal posts? Follow me in this mind journey for a moment. 90mins, 25 men, round leather ball, no goal posts. What do you think will happen? Let me help you guess, there will be nobody there to watch, no thrill, no adrenalin, no excitement, no passion. If you take away the goal post from the game, you kill the game. Can you imagine that? If you remove the ball, the players can kick oranges, if you remove a player or two, the game continues, if you remove all the players, i’m sure we can still watch dogs, if you remove the referees, the game still goes on fine with a few exchanges of blows once in a while, but if you remove the goal post, you kill the game!

Football is an interesting game, you see real talented players, displaying skills, manipulating themselves and the round leather ball. It’s addictive, people get fanatical, the crowd of spectators go gaga, they fly flags, bet, its a wonderful game! With all this interesting aspects of football however, no matter how well the players play, no matter how talented the players, at the end, it’s the goals that count! I’ve heard interesting things like “we played the match but they scored the goals” …sorry you lost!

A little away from the round leather game of football. Life at times also seems like a game of some sorts, exciting moments, intrigues, talents, spectators and all! You run around from morning till night, colleagues, competitors, spectators, police…doesn’t that sound like what you’ll see on the field? So tell me, where is your goal post? What is your goal?

If you haven’t taken time to get a goal post, set goals for your life and have it written down. I’m sorry, but it means that your life is meaningless and doesn’t deserve spectators. Play for your goal, and the world will be your audience. Don’t wait till tomorrow, set your goals now! For today, for this month, for the year, for your life…write it down, it’s your property, nobody can judge you based on it. Do it now! Who knows you might actually win a world cup!

Adeolu Akinyemi

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