Why should you be Afraid?

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Deolu Akinyemi

imageWhy should a follower of Jesus be afraid of Standing up for Christ? What are the real threats to the Gospel of Jesus Christ? The real threats are the things we are threatened with, unfortunately only true followers of Christ can withstand them. Hence these challenges and our fear of them define whose allegiance we have pledged.

Here are the things people are threatened with.

  1. Those who speak against anointed men of God would die! What’s the Big deal about death, was Jesus not killed by the synagogue leaders of his days? Jesus asked us to carry our cross daily and follow him. This means wake up every morning with the anticipation that death may come today. It also means keep yourself in death mode. True disciples of Jesus already signed their death warrant as part of the terms and conditions of the costs of discipleship. They should not be moved by death. If Jesus sends me to where I would die, it would be an awesome privilege, for I do not count myself worthy of being listed among saints so glorious.
  2. Those who speak against the current culture of watered down Christianity would not be rich! Why is that a big concern? Jesus already told his disciples, “if you can’t take the most precious thing to you, and kiss it good bye you cannot be my disciple” (Luke 14:33msg). True disciples already considered all they had as dung compared to the excellence of being found in Christ. The true lordship of Jesus Christ also negates the capacity of those who have him as lord to own things. The best we can be is stewards! Those who would follow Christ already signed up not to be rich! They have signed up to be stewards of God’s riches.
  3. Those who speak against what is popular, in vogue and pleasant to the crowds of people who troop to listen to them weekly would be persecuted! Their friends will find them odd, their family members will ostracize them and former brothers will be all out against them. Their words will be discredited, they will suffer some verbal attacks. What is the big deal? Jesus already promised that a time is coming when people will hurt you, and believe they are doing God service. Jesus also said that when you are persecuted for his names sake, you should leap for joy. Being persecuted this way puts us in good company with all of God’s prophets. Also being persecuted this way is how our accounts get opened in Heaven. Persecution is part and parcel of the Christian hope. We must through much tribulation enter the kingdom of God (Acts 14:22)

Don’t fear those who can only kill the body but not the soul. Rather, fear God who is able to destroy both body and soul in hell. Don’t let the fear of men rule you.

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Adeolu Akinyemi
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