What is Really Your Excuse?

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Deolu Akinyemi

No-Excuses-StopToday I read through the Bible Narrative of Exodus 3 and 4. It’s not a very lengthy or diverse discuss – God got Moses attention and gave him work to do! It’s a model of the work that Christ would come to do, for us and through us.

As you read the Moses narrative, don’t get too engrossed in Moses – God is having the same conversation with you! Watch out for the excuses that Moses gives ahead for you, and God’s response. There is no excuse – God made you in Christ, and prepared you before hand for the work that you will do – Eph 2:10

You might not have seen an angel manifest as a burning bush at your conversion, but there was more than a burning bush – the host of angels in heaven threw a party and blazed in heaven when you took the decision to follow Jesus! It wasn’t just a small burning bush, it was a major conflagration of heavenly fires! They celebrated the value of your soul in eternity, and celebrated the work that God had prepared for you that you were now ready for! Every soul that heaven welcomes has huge potentials! Humanity can again be rescued in a few years if this one will really be true to type.

You ask “who am I?”, God answers it’s not about you! God will be with you! You ask indirectly, How do I introduce you to them, who are you? God answers, I AM! I AM relevant to all circumstances, I AM THAT I AM. Don’t worry, they will know who I AM, when you say I AM. I AM the one you don’t need to introduce with any name! For their case you can tell them who I AM in relation to them!

God lays out the plan for Moses! Just as He has laid it out for you! The world is your harvest field. It doesn’t matter their rank or status, every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess. The nations will be disciple!

See Moses responding on your behalf, what if they don’t believe that you God sent me? God responds, “Then I will confirm your word with signs!”. God handles all Moses excuses, and then Moses blurts out – “I am not eloquent, I don’t know how to speak well”. God responds, that also is not required – I made the mouth, I make the deaf, I make all men. Whatever I send you, is not really about you!

Then at last Moses asks God to send someone else! What? Yes… you and I do that too. We ask God to send our Pastors! If you have been discipling people, what have you been doing? God’s anger was visible in this Chapter of the bible! God gave Moses a partner – the work needs to be done, even if you have to find a partner to do it!

People ask the question will those who don’t disciple go to hell? I think the real question ought to be, will those who don’t love Jesus go to hell? Jesus said, “if you love me, obey my commandments”. I really don’t know of any great commandment that doesn’t end in discipling nations. It’s called the great commission, not the great suggestion.



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