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Deolu Akinyemi

I thought that 2007 was a great year, but it’s just two months gone in 2008 and I feel it’s a better year by incomparable margins. This year is filled with so much opportunity and so many channels to live the life of one’s dreams. I hope you are feeling the same way as well, because it is certain that in the midst of all these abundance many will still squalor in poverty and lack. I have come to discover that poverty is not the absence of money it’s the absence of desire.

There has not been a lot of information on this site about emerging opportunities in the stock market and businesses worth investing in. The reason is not because they haven’t been available; they have been, in fact much more than last year, I haven’t only been talking about them, because I made a few decisions last year.  I discovered that not all that read from my site are actually “old” enough to be responsible for their actions. Hence I have decided to make information available only to a select group of people, people that have proven over time to be responsible and people who I know that are willing to access risks, and know that high reward comes from high risks. If you are interested in taking advantage of opportunities this year, and rising to your next level, then this article is a must read for you, read on.

I’m a very conservative person by nature; I have friends that I thought were conservative, when I look at them, I know that I’m either poor, or conservative. As a test of my conservativeness, among my circle of friends, I drive the smallest and cheapest car, even amongst some of my colleagues who work with me. I spoke in a seminar where it seemed like Jeeps were the order of the day amongst the speakers, but I couldn’t boast of one. I met an old friend and acquaintance lately, he’s actively involved with the stock market and drives a hummer (whew?!), I’ll find it hard to do that, so believe me when I say I am conservative.  I am a strong believer in deeming one’s present to brighten one’s future. I have said all these to make it clear that I will not hype anything extraordinarily, I will simply tell you what is working for me, give you a few hints on how far, and encourage you to do the same to achieve similar or better results. The following are sure fire ways to be amongst the people who will see this year as nothing short of a miracle.

1.    Increase your network. Your network is your net worth. One of the greatest influences on our lives’ progress is our friends and associates. This year, I’ve been deliberately going out of my way to meet new people. I’m building relationships with informed people and people with big dreams. Believe me when I tell you it’s paying off. There is no amount I’ve spent in the course of building relationships that has been too much. If it costs you N100,000 to have an appointment with an informed guy, pay the bill, it will be well worth it. One move in the right direction can make you wealthy.  Who are you networking with, who are the members of the club you belong to. Who are the people you hang out with? If they are billionaires, you are well on the way, if they are womanizers, you are about to get screwed – eternally.  Get yourself hooked up to a network of young upwardly mobile people; hook yourself to older versatile people. Have a mentor, have great friends, sow into better relationships.

2.    Be informed. When you stop growing you start dying, when you stop trying you start failing, if you stop moving you quit staying fresh. Knowledge is powerful, and if it costs you time to get knowledge it’s a worthwhile sacrifice. Read blogs, read books, attend seminars, go for workshops. Stay on the cutting edge of information. If an opportunity is published in the dailies, it means you are late already. The direction of the food chain is first the owners, then the private placement, next the initial public offer and then the secondary market. That’s also the typical order in which the money is made. We are in an information age; it’s the man with the information now that rules the world. Do you know how many private placements are closing this week? Do you know the implications of some of the government policy reversals on the stock market? Information empowers and gives confidence to act. I’m practically a reading machine now, with 3 books and more that I’m reading at every point in time. I also attended a seminar recently and paid, because I wanted to learn the same thing from other perspectives. Don’t spend your life in front of the TV set. The television is the meeting place of people with dreams and the people who watch them. Most of the stars on TV rarely have time to watch themselves. Go out for information.

3.    Stretch! Dare big things, things bigger than you. Some young men walked up to me yesterday and asked the all popular question, “is there anything we are doing for people who don’t have up to N30,000?” Obviously interested in the ideals and concepts of the club, but with feelings of limitation in their getting the membership fee. I explained to them in clear terms, how even I am looking for something bigger than me to do. It’s a good thing if you can’t afford something. The next question is do I have access to people who can? So many people limit themselves to themselves, they refuse to stretch, act and grow. I tell people “if nobody that you know is willing to loan you N30,000 – N200,000 on your word of honour, then it must mean you lack integrity, you can’t be trusted and you are irresponsible.” I’m on the lookout for opportunities bigger than me, if it’s not bigger than me, it won’t make me grow. There are opportunities that are currently bigger than you, reach for them.

4.    Desire. Opportunities show up only for those with real burning desires. 1000 of us can sit in a room and the only person who will see the opportunity in that room is the person whose desire is alive and hunting. I’ve had a number of friends approach me lately on what they can do to be rich, I have always told them that the starting point of all achievement is desire. Once the heart can be willing to go, the head will figure out the way. Desire tunes the senses and makes you a magnet for the right people and opportunities. I have been fuelling my desire for increase voraciously this year, and it is alarming the rate at which I come across opportunities. If opportunities pass before you heard them, then you need to work on your desire. Wishes and need will not do the work of desire. If you are interested in fuelling your desire, please mail me and I’ll give you just the book.

5.    Build Character! If lies go for a thousand years, one day the truth will catch up with it. Every lie requires the support of 10 others to keep it real, and each of the 10 lies need more as well. Even when you are completely broke, you can leverage on information, leverage on relationships and make things happen with the force of desire, only if your character is consistent. Nobody will be willing to commit much into your hands if you can’t be trusted. Can you be trusted? The true tests of trust are-are you wilfully breaking any of God’s laws? If you can break the laws you know are divine, you can break any man’s laws. If you don’t fear God you can’t fear any man. If you cheat on your wife whom you profess undying love to, you will cheat on any man. Do you value your life, does your word count? Do you swear to your hurt and keep it? If your values are consistent, you have character, if your character is good, it’s your foundation. The wealth that life will ever commit into your hands is a function of what your foundation can handle. How high you go in life, is a function of how deep you go. Start working on your character today.

There are number of opportunities closing this week, if you are interested pls contact me here ASAP so I can copy you on the detailed mail. I have learnt to stop casting precious jewel before swine. Let the people who deserve to know, ask for them. I love you still.

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