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Deolu Akinyemi

“Free is a Mirage”-Adeolu Akinyemi

I don’t know where we got it from, but we love free things in this side of the world. We want gifts, we want unmerited favour, we want to get great Jobs, we want companies to sponsor our programs, we want people to show us affection, we want yearly promotions, we want to advance in our careers, to suddenly become better people, ALL FOR FREE!!!

If it’s a free seminar, 500 people can apply with 3 days notice! Believe me, I know from experience. We all love and enjoy the idea of getting something without paying for it. It has lured us to believe that great things come without a price…Don’t be caught in this belief, free is a mirage!

Every good and worthwhile thing you will get in this life, will cost you! The reason you are where you are today, is because that is what you have paid the price for. You need to give up to go up! The reason why companies will not support your program is because when they tune in to Wii-fm (Whats in it for me) they don’t get any signals. The reason your promotion is not coming is because your contribution is not making your boss considered for his next promotion, he/she has asked himself what value you are adding to his/her progress, and he cannot put his/her finger on it. The reason why that guy is showing you affection is not unconnected with what he believes he’ll get. The reason that other one is not, is because there is nothing you are doing that deserves attention. See, it’s simple as A-B-C, there is no free lunch. You need to pay a price for anything you want, or take it on credit. Free is a mirage. What you didn’t earn won’t last.

The difference between wishes and desires is that wishes place no responsibilities on you, they are free, they don’t have price tags. Desires however require a price. All your aspirations are mere wishes until you are willing to look critically at the price and negotiate for it.

We all love good things, all wish that things get better, but if wishes were horses beggers will ride. Many wish, few desire! All of us are willing to live in mansions, drive flashy cars, paint the town red and live large, but how many of us are willing to work hard, stay committed to our vision, wage through the waters of struggle, climb up the slopy sloppy mountains in pursuit of what only we see? How many of us are willing to brave insanity, form deafness, see things and proclaim waters in the desert? It’s not free my friend, growth has a price!

Start thinking win-win, how can I add value to the person I want to learn from? How can I secure a promotion for my boss? How can I propagate the gospel of the company that wants to support me? What am I doing today that makes me deserve what I desire? Let’s change our orientation, look at everything you are getting for free today, and start paying a price for them in cash or in kind. You’ll be shocked at how you’ll grow, at how the doors will fling open, at how you’ll advance. Your key to progress is seeking win win options with whoever has your next step around them? Check this out, even the God of the universe only hears prayers that have to do with His Will (Win). Since your prayer is supposed to be your win, even prayer needs to be win-win.

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