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Deolu Akinyemi

Two weeks ago, before my trip to the UAE, my colleagues and I sat down and watched a one hour 30 minutes movie. The title of the movie was and is, the secret. Prior to that event, I had been listening to the audio consistently for another 2 weeks. If you are desirous of a better life and haven’t seen the movie or listened to the audio, I recommend that you do. I’m not making any commisions or bonuses in suggesting you buy, I just believe fundamentally, that my success is tied to helping others to become successful.

Until you listen and watch though, you can have the benefits of my perspectives and the things I learnt from the secret. I also firmly believe, that even after you have watched and listened, my perspectives will still give you a bite that will accelerate your focused move into your next level. We all see the world differently, we see the world, based on the colouration of the lenses that we wear. I believe that the superior lense with which to view the world is a lense coloured by God’s perspectives. I have also done a lot of research to apply the laW of attraction to my life, and this will be useful for you.

First of all, the law of attraction states that

“Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” — Mark xi. 24.

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

“Guard your heart with all diligence for our of it proceed the issues that govern life”- Prov 4: 23

In the lay scientific terms, it says that your life attracts what your thoughts are centered around. In very very plain terms it says that like attracts like.

Like all laws, you don’t need to understand it’s workings to produce results with it, but if you understand it’s workings, you can channel your activity right to get the desired and predictable results.

I have wondered why this law is termed a secret when it’s so openly put in the bible, but guess it is really true that many look, but few really see. The secret is an open secret, but it requires understanding, discovery and right application to get results. There are a few key things that need to be understood about the Law of Attraction.

1. Energy
Every product that you can see is made up of natural substance, every natural substance is made up of elements, every element can be broken into smaller units of energy. The foundation material for the production of any product is energy. Under the microscope, the most solid of forms reduces into formless energy. It is indeed true and scientifically coroborated that the things that are seen were made out of substance that is unseen. One of the most profound equations in current history is the equation derived by Albert Einstein, the equation was simply “E=Mcc (c squared). This takes entire academic sessions just to grasp the surface of, but what this simply states is that on one side of the equation there is energy, and on the other side is mass and time. In other words all that has mass and is timed was made up of energy. The source of all energy is the creative power behind the universe. God, who made everything that we see from the words of his mouth and his thoughts and who left humanity with the powers to create by breathing the same substance that governs the world into him. I don’t know how you take this God given privilege of creative abilities, but I’m here to tell you that a man that is in honor and does not know, is like a perishing beast. If the scientist is asked to talk about the source of the universe, he attributes it to energy, he defines energy as that which cannot be created or destroyed, that which was before all things and shall remain when all things are gone. Ask a Christian to explain God, and he’ll tell you he is the I am that I am, the first and the last, the beginning and the end, the one who was, who is, and forever shall be. Take this as golden, the same fabrics upon which the world was created resides in you. You have the power to create energy with your thought, and attract like energy. You literally become a magnet to attract what you desire, and once it’s a reality in energy form, the world as we have it will replicate it.

2. Thoughts
Someone summarized the law of attraction simply as this “Thoughts become things”. Everything starts as a thought. Our lives will move in the direction of our most predominant thoughts. The universe is not an intellectual universe, it’s a feeling and emotional universe as it is intellectual. When we focus our desires thoughts on particular things, and give ourselves the permission to feel the reality of that which we desire, it becomes created. When the bible said that our weapons of warfare are not carnal but are mighty through God, it wasn’t about spears and guns, it was about the mind. There is no universe without the mind. The continuity of creation requires the input of the mind. Thoughts are the building blocks of every visible thing you can see today. Thoughts, Words,  Actions, that’s how things are made.

3. Transmission and Reception
The way the law of attraction works is similar to the way a transmission system works. We are the transmission stations, our thoughts and the feelings we emit and the associated energy we are creating is what we are transmitting. At the same time, we live in a universe where a lot of things are in the airwaves as well, available and being transmitted. We have the opportunity to receive what ever is being transmitted at the frequency of our reception. The same way we send energy out, expecting it to reach out and be received, the same way we can position ourselves to receive what the universe has in stock. The more emotions and feeling of make believe we generate the stronger our frequency of transmission. The more we think about these things… the stronger the energy and the bandwidth transmitted as well. This means what you want can happen faster as well. Have you ever talked to somebody and the person feels and sounds so negative, what you are catching is a bit of the persons transmission.

The Law aligns that you can have anything you want, it also states, that where you are now is a function of what you have unconsciously attracted, by virtue of the waves you have transmitted, the thoughts you have thought or the energy that you have exuded.

These definitions are fundamentals, I’ll be writing about the creative process, i.e how to deliberately get what you want, and the loop holes in the creative process that makes people attract something else or get delays to their desires.

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