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Deolu Akinyemi


“Yet man is born to trouble, as the sparks fly upward” – Job 5:7

Problems are natural, they are part of the package that becomes available to us as human beings from birth! Trouble is a birth package! One of the most important things you will need to learn if you want to make progress in life is how to solve problems. Problems are the exams of life, no tests, no triumphs, no examinations no promotions!

This is why you need to truly understand the content of this article. If you can master how to solve problems, you have mastered 50% of all you need to learn to get your life where you want it to be.

Let me warm you into this with a story – Once upon a time, a father tried so hard to read for his exams, but he was constantly distracted by his 5 year old son. The little boy had not had enough of his dad’s time and he was demanding for it. Asking him questions, enquiring about what he was reading, doing all it takes to be there. The father, not wanting to destroy the sons hope and enthusiasm decided to give him some work to do. He reached out for a magazine, found a page with the picture of the world, tore it up in pieces and gave it to the excited young boy to put together again. In his mind, if the he could get the guy working on a problem that tough, he would get up to an hour to read, and the boy out of boredom would fall asleep. To his utter shock and amazement, the boy was back with the world completely and correctly re-arranged, in less than 4 mins! How he did it, is how you will solve every problem you have as well!

The father quizzed you little boy, “How on earth did you get that done so fast?”. The boy smiled at his father, and revealed the secret. He explained to this dad that he saw that at the back of the world map were fragments of the face of a man, and that by putting the man’s face back together, the world came back together. The boy by re-arranging the man, he re-arranged the world.

What are the lessons this 5yr old boy can teach us?

1. How you See the Problem is the Problem! Now that statement may sound simple to you, it’s not! I say this with all sense of emphasis that whatever problem you face is really a problem because of the way you see it! All problems are perceived as they are, based on the lens through which we analyse them. The boy saw a human face which he could arrange, the father saw a world map which the son could never arrange.

I organize 4hr sessions where I teach about how to analyse a problem correctly. This is not simple. I can spend the next 4 lengthy articles helping to break this down. You need to change how you see your problems, look through the lens of universal eternal principles, and your position will be authentic.

2. Don’t look for the world, look for the man! Your problem is not anybody else, your problem is you! Our problems with ourselves manifest in relating with others, but the root problems is with us! To fix the world, fix you! By focusing on our circle of influence, we expand our influence. Trust me, the problem is not how  you see it, the problem is also not the other person, if you change, your energy will change, if your energy changes, the world and people around you will change!

To be Continued!

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