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Deolu Akinyemi

It’s time to Get Plugged in again!


I’m sure you have got a number of updates from me this year, I hope you read them. If you didn’t, I hope you at least read this one. I would love to set the record straight on a few key and important things.

Every year, my most important goal, is how many people I want to be able to help succeed. My success for a few years, has been hinged heavily on my ability to contribute meaningfully to the success and progress of others. If you are getting this mail, you are one of those that my yearly intention to help is for. I believe that my role is that of a chief servant, one that needs to always think, and find ways to serve better, and to do things in the interest of the larger community.

It’s been 5 years since I started actively driving this company A2W, it’s been like 20 years, as I have learnt a lot. I have learnt by failures what doesn’t work, and I have learnt what works, and how to make things work. I stumbled on priceless information, that is capable of really exploding my potentials to help people in the coming year and there are key things you need to get done before this year ends, to be a part of closing this year strong, and starting next year well.

1. Prepare to LEARN! I realized, that people hardly buy a product or an idea, they buy the person sharing the product or the idea. If your product is not moving, it’s because you are not moving. The best value you can add to your business, is to develop yourself. A2W is going to have classes online and offline every week of 2014. The best time to ensure you are plugged in to be informed is now. Different facilitators will be providing you with access to them, you can go to my site and subscribe, that way, every information coming from me, can get to you. you can also add me on BB, so you can get updates about what’s happening and when, without costing me a mail or an SMS. BB PIN: 7c5b6fe4

Do not procrastinate, do it now!

2. Don’t look for what to invest your N1,000,000 into. I stumbled on a very legitimate opportunity that can grow your resources by 200% in 2014. THIS is no JOKE! I will send you this information via my blog for all who subscribed and via my BB for all who also invited.

Ensure your friend reads this by forwarding it to them. If you think I have added any value, I want to assure you that we haven’t started yet.

Remember to make the most of all the Promotions happening, and don’t forget to maximize a2wshopping this season. The first season of cash-back for renewal starts with December ending.

Kind Regards

Adeolu Akinyemi

Committed to Your Success

BBPin: 7c5b6fe4

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