Pot calling Kettle Black!

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Deolu Akinyemi

pot calling the kettleIt’s easy for pot to call kettle black, I know! That’s why whenever God drops a word in my heart, I ask myself many times if I’m not in violation of what I have been asked to declare myself. Sometimes I challenge myself that perhaps the reason why I have not started reasoning from my rectum is because the Church I lead is still numerically small. I have prayed to God that may the Church never grow numerically if the danger starts with numbers! I’ll rather 5 people share $5million than 5 million people share $5million. I have contemplated stopping Church as usual too many times, just waiting for God’s clear instruction, and I’m gone and done! God’s work must never be about anyone, we must not even seek to be visible or prominent in God’s move! We must do what we are asked, and understand that we are unprofitable servants.

That first paragraph was for me. It’s letting you know that I do not claim to be perfect, and I’m asking sincere questions and desire to get Christ’s answers to them.

So how did pot call kettle black? Well, it’s recounting the kind of conversations I hear people having. A follower of Bishop David Oyedepo condemns TB Joshua for using Holy Water, completely blinded to his own use of Oil, handkerchief, feet washing and “Papa’s” Picture and Calendar. It totally beats me how on earth you can condemn what others are doing when you are doing much worse in exactly the same space.

It beats me how idolatry is so much a practice in denial. All those who practiced idolatry in the Bible didn’t somehow see what they were doing as wrong. It beats me how people are more tuned to obeying their man of God against Christ clear instructions. Or how do you cope with someone who bought a comb at the instance of Pastor Adeboye and shamelessly uses it every morning with great faith? You ask the person where is Christ in this, and the person says it’s not really about Christ, but her belief that the Man of God must have heard from God! Does that show any understanding of scriptures? The fact that there is no truth in anything if it’s not in alignment with God’s word? Yet the same person condemns Christ Embassy for charging gate fee for watch night service. Which is better of the two ills? How can you continue to say that someone is your father in the Lord and feel you are insulated from the evils of their practices and that you would be shielded when they are visited by God’s righteous judgment?

None of us is off the hook, the speaker and the hearers, and we who watch from the sidelines in silence. Go read your bible, there is punishment for those who use God as they would an idol, there is punishment for not separating themselves from such leadership, and there is punishment for those who know better but fear public perception more than God! In writing, I do so in obedience, to set myself free from what is coming! What about you?

Kind Regards

Adeolu Akinyemi
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NB: In case you are wondering what result this will achieve, it’s none of my business. My business is to do as instructed. Jeremiah preached for over 40 years without people changing, but he did his part. I am ready to do the same!

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