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Deolu Akinyemi

I have always been a strong proponent of the power of unity. I believed that the implication of the fact that if one could chase 1000 and then 2 will put 10,000 to flight means that there is power in synergy. In fact, I analyzed and showed people that any one who stood alone when he could collaborate with someone else, was wasting a lot of potentials. Can you imagine how much of 10,000 is lost when two people decide to go separately? If you calculated it, it’s 8,000, that’s a huge percentage of possibilities lost out of lack of collaboration. Just for clarity, here is the equation. 1 will chase 1000, this means that two independent 1’s will chase 2,000, as opposed to the 10,000 they could have chased this is a loss of 8,000 or 80%.

I however discovered a slight modification of this calculation today! I discovered to my utter surprise, that it is not normal for one to chase a thousand. When one chases 1000, it is because the almighty God is involved. That equation is an equation that is only in force when God is involved. One will normally chase a few,  but one with God is majority! Sometimes we underestimate the power of God in our lives, we forget, and we think we are where we are because of our attitude, skill and knowledge. Well A.S.K. (Attitude, Skill and Knowledge) helps but God is irreplaceable and key! So in this call for collaboration, I call on God almighty without whom life would not be worth living, and I call on you too, my ever supportive friends. I have developed something, and I need your collaboration for it to succeed. is now available offline! I have been working on a project for the past 2 months, and it’s now finished. I have been able to convert articles on into mini books called “essentials” and they are now available for the audience of people without regular internet access. The books have graphics, a colourful hard back cover and glossy interiors – Please find two samples attached. (this1 and this2) These mini books are available to the reading public for a token of N50 per piece. The people who haven’t been to the website before, that have gone through the books have shared amazing comments, the people that have gone through the online articles are wondering why it can’t look like this online. For all the people who have printed copies to share, who have forwarded to others, or who have simply been blessed, it’s available offline in hard copy now, for a little token.

I however have two ideas on how we can collaborate, and they are both proven and workable ideas. The books came in yesterday, and I have personally sold 7,000 copies already. Here are the two Ideas, and I’ll appreciate if you can collaborate with me on any.

1. Charity and Empowerment: Buy 1000 copies for N30,000 and pick a Secondary School/University or Corporate organization of your choice for it to be distributed to free of charge. You can choose to take delivery of the books or to get them delivered on your behalf.

2. Business and Empowerment: Buy 1000 copies for N30,000 and sell at N50 per piece.

It’s as simple as that, really. I want to also use this medium to invite all who are interested or who have other ideas on how to push this for a meeting on the 13th of July, 2008. Please indicate your interest by contacting me via the contact me button on the website. I’ll furnish you with the details of the meeting time and venue.

I also want to use this medium to thank you all, for your support for this website and for me for so long. I’m sure I don’t even know a lot you, but I’m grateful. History will not forget your labor of love, for as long as this site lasts, your comments will continue to reach out to many around. If Jesus tarries, when we are long gone, this site will continue to bless millions around the world, and your name will be on it!

Today I read about a man called Philipp Melanchthon, I had never heard about him, I bet you probably have never heard of him too. How about Martin Luther? Heard of him? Well, Martin Luther is who we know, but Melanchthon was who collaborated with Martin Luther that made him a success. Martin Luther preferred his concepts and thoughts, and spoke highly of him. Philipp became a Professor of Greek at the age of 21 after receiving his Masters in Arts at the age of 17. He also authored the Protestant Theology in 1521. While the world may only know and celebrate the Martin Luther’s of this world, God and history will never forget the contributions of Melanchthon Philipp and people like him. Please take this as a call to join forces to add value with me. Thank you.

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