Paradigm Shift 1 – Your Goal is Not Financial Security

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Your Goal is Not Financial Security. This is a continuation of the post on Money Paradigms you need to shift. Let me know if this is helpful.

The mantra many in our clime and generation grew up to learn was, “go to school, get a good grade and get a good job”. We slugged it out to ensure that we got all we needed to get to achieve the desired results. A good job was one that had either the promise of a long term career, or provided a strong foundation that can be a basis for negotiating for a better deal in the future. This thought line was not only a mantra, it was engrained into the culture of our final years in school and has become a philosophy.

I remember companies coming over to the top schools to find the students with great grades, and a combination of attitudes, skills and knowledge to intern with their companies. I know this first hand, both as a student and as a recruiter for one of the A list American companies that catch talents young. Our highest goal in those student days was for a secure job, or at least a job that paid sufficiently to secure our dreams and desires. Nobody wants to work for a one man company, to allow your future to be determined by the whims and caprice of one man was too risky, it was far from secure. Does this sound familiar?


Well, I’m saying emphatically that this is one paradigm that you need to change. Your ultimate financial goal is not for security, it’s for freedom! Financial freedom and not financial security ought to be the end we have in mind when we begin. The difference between these two may look like just one word, don’t be deceived the difference is bigger than a dictionary. The mindset that financial security allows you, is totally different from the mindset that financial freedom affords you.


Financial security as a desired goal makes you judge your decision not by what makes you free, but by what makes you safe. Unknown to many people a safe is only safe because something can be inside while the key is with someone else outside. The truth about financial security is that safety is always exchanged for lack of control. Your livelihood is safe in a safe, but then the key is also outside. Unfortunately, because we do not know better, we have sought financial security. If this is your goal, your money destination is limited. You will work yourself tired at retirement only to discover that you have been living in false hope. The drive for financial security is what makes 54% of the American society dependent at 65, 24% dead before 65, 16% still working and 5% independent. The desire for financial security has limited people from their true potentials.


A more worthy goal is the goal of financial freedom. Reality is extremely few people in our society are financially free, as easy as it is to be. What makes people free is not the abundance of what they control, it’s the ability to organize and manage the little resources available in such a way that they have a system that ensures that they don’t need to put in any activity or effort to continue their desired lifestyle.  Financial freedom is when your passive income exceeds your living expenses. Financial freedom is the destination at which people become excited to live their dreams and unencumbered to pursue what they believe is their purpose. Until people are free, they are in bondage to the things they have to do to survive…

To be continued by popular demand.

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Are you earning enough passively to take care of your living expenses

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