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Deolu Akinyemi

My new year resolve is not to do anything, want anything or sacrifice anything. I simply want to obey God! This year, I want to be free of wants! No more wanting to be important, no more wanting everything for myself, no more wanting my own way! I want to do what God wants!

My new year resolution is Obedience – I want to obey God! This means I need to listen to Him more, and more about Him.

This year 2016 is not my year of anything. It’s the year of God’s everything. I am persuaded that you own all the years! 2016 is your year and my privilege to be in it!

1. This year, I don’t want to utter one prayer point for any material need. Thank you God, for helping me do this last year. I want to be concerned about God’s needs, God’s will and God’s agenda.

2. This year, I want my income and expenses pegged from the beginning. I want to abase so that others can abound. That way, every extra that comes my way can be sure not to be mine, but for God projects that I need to carry out.

3. This year, I don’t want to give anything to God to expect anything in return! I want to know that anything I get more than anything I normally get is for God’s projects.

4. This year, I want God to help me to give out scholarships to scores of children. I want to be a part of the reason why someone will go to school and be able to read their Bibles.

5. This year, I don’t want to sacrifice BIG for God, I simply want to obey his nudging to do things, Big or small! I want to live like I truly understand that obedience is better than sacrifice.

6. This year, I don’t want to live under the illusion that I can give anything to God! Tithe, Offerings, first fruits. I want to live in the clear understanding that God owns me, I want to operate with ultimate stewardship. The stewardship of sons  – stewards that operate stewardship with the value of ownership.

7. This year, I don’t want to live in the illusion that it’s possible for me to be worldly rich! I don’t want to be worldly rich! I want to have a Lord for real! I want to be a steward of what my father owns, nothing more!

8. This year, I want nothing but Christ! I don’t want to make money, make a name, or make progress, I want Christ in me to come to full stature. I want to say like Jesus that everything I say or do, is as I see the Father do! I don’t even want to add them together! Christ only is enough for me!

9. This year, I want to disciple nations! I want to rescue the perishing! I want to see Jesus in prison and visit him, I want to see him hungry and feed him, to see him lonely and invite him in. I want to do these to the least of His brethren and not be conscious of doing it.

10. This year, o God! Let my life, my waking, sleeping, walking, working and living life, be used as a platform for you to do that which is your will on earth – the discipleship of nations! In Jesus name!

11. This year, O God! I don’t want to look at their faces! I want to simply obey you, whatever their faces are saying!

12. This year, O God! I want to be who you send when there is every a need. I want to be who you use whenever there is a task. Even if the whole earth sleeps and faces one direction, I want to face where you face, however unpopular it is!

Amen! In Jesus Name!


Adeolu Akinyemi
WhatsApp: 08037228919

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