Mum, It’s 1yr Already

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Deolu Akinyemi

Today makes it one year that you passed on ahead of us to eternity.  For us, it’s been one year, but for you it’s today. You are in a land where time does not count, you are with a God who is timeless, and a place where the sun neither rises no sets.  I have missed you mum, there have been many times I wanted to tell you how I’m doing, and get comfort from seeing that assuring smile on your face. Many times I’ve wanted to share a story, an encounter or a victory, but I know you are with the cloud of witnesses, so I’m sure you don’t miss a beat.  Life is full of challenges mum, as always, but you know I’m more than a conqueror. I know enough from watching you and studying my Bible, that victories don’t happen when we are not challenged.

I know I’m going to see you again,  that does mean I’m also going to die, that thought fills me with a sense of responsibility to ensure that I live my life leaving the right legacy. I know it’s you that should be proud of me, being that I came after you… but I’m so proud of you mum. Thinking of how you spent your 56yrs on earth is so inspiring for me. You lived a complete life, you were not merely successful, you were great! The lives you touched without the use of the internet is a challenge for me with the internet. Today my mind is filled with thoughts of you, I’m currently on the road on a 3hrs drive to the place where you were buried.

It’s so easy to know what you’ll like me to do, we started a number of them already, I just need to continue. Thanks for being a proverbs 31 woman, and giving me the best gifts in the world (to be discussed in -“The gifts my mother game me”). We love you and miss you, Daddy really misses you. I am only comforted by knowing, that as far as you are concerned, we are coming to where you are, the same day that you left.

For all of you out there who have people you love around you, I have a few precious thoughts.

1. Let them know you love them, the path of life does not always stretch like the stick of a gun. Show love while you can.

2. Make a phone call as often as you can, MTN – everywhere you go, does not cover heaven.

3. We will all die, it’s important we identify what we are living for.

4. Whose life are you touching with the little that you have?

5. Invest in the next generation, don’t be relevant to yours alone?

6. Do the things you really want to do, it makes it easy for those left behind to continue.

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