Lessons from Brazil vs. Germany

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Deolu Akinyemi


1. All things are possible – Nobody could have predicted the goal lines of Brazil vs. Germany at the Semi-finals. It was nothing like was ever recorded in History. The closest was Brazil-Uruguay in 1920. This set a new benchmark for possibilities. Never say Never!


2. Be careful what you call advantage – Brazilians everywhere would have believed playing in their home country comes with home advantage. There is however a level of pounding that you will receive, that even home will become a disadvantage. It was a shame to be in the stadium. It brings to recollection the verse of scripture – Except the Lord builds the house, the laborers labor in vain, and except the Lord watches the house, the security guards stay awake in vain. In the final summary, the only advantage you can really have is – Emmanuel (God with us)


3. Raise the Source of your Motivation – God, Country and Family. These are the 3 greatest motivations in a Soldiers life. Once you are called to serve, then these 3 become critical and clear. You are ready to fight to death for these 3 in the order. What you bring to the battle is strongest for God, Country and Family. Brazil came to the pitch yesterday with a motivation zeroed on Family! Neymar was down, and they tried to leverage on him as the motivation for their fight. From the results, this was inadequate. The frenzy of trying to channel the spirit of Neymar into the pitch actually backfired. For you, raise what motivates you. The more God is the center of what you are doing, the more you are likely to last. If you don’t believe in God, you have only 2 other options, and God help you.


4. 1 failure, can wipe clean 10 success. All of a sudden, it doesn’t matter how well Brazil did in all the games before they met their waterloo. One failure, and all your successes are reset. One success, and all your failures become understood. It’s a two sided coin – no matter how well you have done, stay humble, pride comes before the fall. No matter how badly you have done, stay focused, all you need is one opportunity you are prepared to take, and your story can turn around. Keep the main things the main things.


5. The Bulk Stops at the Coach’s Desk! – Scolari messed his boys up, period. The game seemed like the play between someone who was used to PES 2007 playing someone who’s spent time on PES 2014. To concede goals rapidly like that, is a clear failure of the “OgaAtTheTop”. Their two best players were down, their best national keeper was for keeps, and the 11 line left 7 questions unanswered. Back to you, who is pulling your strings? Do you have any? It doesn’t matter how well you play, who drew the map, whose instructions are you following? African’s don’t really understand the value of having a coach, or mentor, or guide. If everyone were to follow Jesus life instructions of discipling a few, by submitting to the process and doing same for others, the life would be eternal for many and full of bliss. Who is to blame for how your life is heading? They will bear the blame, but you will pack your shame!


6. End it with Prayer – I love the way David Luiz knelt down and prayed. It sounded to me like, God, to you be all the glory, Thank you! No matter how bad things get, we must never forget that we are not our own. We were paid for with a price. We also did not start ourselves. There is a God, who rules and reigns in the affairs of men. If you don’t know Him, find Him. If you want, I can introduce him to you. You want to end this with Prayer? You can call me on this number 08037228919.

God Bless You.

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