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Deolu Akinyemi

Have you ever got excited, started a blog and then few months after, you loose steam? Don’t crucify yourself, you are not alone. I personally find it hard to keep up writing on my blog when I started out. I mean, I still find it difficult keeping to my posting schedule, however this has greatly improved now based on the tips I want to share with you. I strongly suggest you use them as they’ll be helpful in creating the blog of your dreams.

Blog from your heart: I visited quite a lot of blogs and like the writing style of some bloggers. I sometimes feel like I am not good enough and want to copy these set of people. I later discovered that I can NEVER be that other blogger. So what I did was start writing my own way. I’d write like I am talking to a close friend and just do my thing. Guess what? After writing few blogposts, I started getting mails from individuals telling me they enjoy reading my blogpost and like my writing style….

Yeah, I was surprised too….

Advice: Write in your own style from your heart. Don’t compare what you write with other bloggers because sooner or later, you’ll start getting reviews from readers who enjoy how you write.

Report Events: Most individuals reading blogs are either less busy or whiling away time at work. If you have a camera, take pictures and blog about it, it actually helps to keep your readers captivated. Ensure your events relate with your blog. It makes no sense blogging about an event that has to do with computer tutorials on an entertainment blog or fashion blog etc.

Schedule Blog Post: Over the course of the week, I might get the inspiration to write 4 blogpost. The words will come easily, there are other weeks, where I encounter writer’s block. No matter how much inspiration I get, I simply do not write more than twice a week on my blog. If I get inspired to write 4 post, I simply write them and schedule it for 2 weeks, as against posting them all in one week.

Posting with schedule helps your readers know when to expect something new from you.  You could choose once, twice, thrice weekly or even blog everyday. Irrespective, always have a blogging schedule and try as much as possible not to deviate from it.

Ask readers to comment on your post: It will surprise you to know that only a fraction of people who read your blogpost’s will leave comments. Sometimes, it can be draining to write blogpost and not receive any comments. It doesn’t mean that they don’t read. Sometimes, you need to ask them to leave you a comment. Remember, the subconscious mind always like being told what to do rather than taking initiative. So, when next you write your blogpost, always ask people to comment.

So, guys, those are 4 tips to help in blogging effectively. Do you know any other tip? Feel free to share it in the comments too.

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