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Deolu Akinyemi


Thinking about my life and what I live for. Of all I can do, and all I do, I am most excited by the opportunities to truly help other people succeed.

I have been involved in a few, but it’s something I’ll love to develop more and more capacity for. I want to become better at doing the things that give people a platform and a chance. Here are a few things I know that people need. You can comment about the things you believe you need to succeed.

People need information or knowledge. Sometimes the only limitation that people have is what they know or don’t know. By giving people access to good and timely information it can make the difference in their lives. I want to do more of these.

People need the right perspectives. No matter the information that you come across, if you don’t exist within the right frame of thinking or paradigm, it won’t make any difference to you. You can be reading and listening to the most vital information that your life needs, but if your lenses are differently coloured you may read, but not understand. I am passionate about helping people experience life changing paradigm shifts! I long to do more of this.

People need other people! Nobody will ever be sufficiently skilled to be able to do everything. We need each other, and sometimes we just need to learn how to connect to other people. To build human bridges, to exist in networks that allow our backs to be covered. One of the things I’m learning to do, and desire to do more of is connecting people to people in productive ways. I want to be more involved in forging synergies.


People need courage! One of the greatest limitations people have is fear! The fear of what will happen if I dare. The fear of the unknown, the fear of death, and the fear of consequences of our actions. Well our inactions also have consequences! I am learning that you cannot teach a human being courage, you can inspire them to courage. You can show courage, and it lightens people and makes them see that they also can fly. I am modeling more courage, and creating more platforms for people to show courage.


People need God! Success in the isolated examination of 1 min relative to 1yr is not success, neither can success in 90yrs relative to eternity. Success is eternal, and in my quest to help people succeed, I long to see them re-connected with their source. I am unapologetic in my desire to see all men reconnected to their maker. I will do these more as well.


People need things… some money, some credit, some tools, some skills, some access, others books. Some even need challenges, some troubles, and some prison. Many times, what you think you need and what you need are totally different things. I am committing to be a platform that gives to all those around it an opportunity to succeed.


I want to help you succeed, I truly do! The Mentorship Session with Adeolu Akinyemi season 3 is taking place 12th November to 28th November, 4hrs daily, Wed to Friday for the 3 weeks. We have special features with my mentors, special features with my friends and special projects to deliver on. This is education beyond 5yrs in regular university. This is N250,000 value, people have compared it with courses that cost them over N2,000,000. You have the opportunity of joining us on a 100% scholarship by just following this basis instruction.


Thanks for registering for Mentorship Sessions with Adeolu Akinyemi. To confirm your seat, Send SMS with “CM (space) Name (space) Email” to 32811. 1st Come 1st Serve. You will receive the next key instructions to be one of the first 100.

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