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Deolu Akinyemi

Many times in our lives, we face the compelling urge to follow a road contrary to our views and values. We get a subtle often sugar coated offer on a plate of gold, to exchange what we have built for years for moments of promise. In those instances, our judgements seem cluttered, even though we knew the right thing to do, our scales just don’t give the right figures. We find ourselves debating the value of a birth right over the impending loss of life for missing a delicious plate of pottage. We debate our throne, for the exciting possibilities of one hour of endless ecstasy. In our unguarded moments, we often are presented with a sweet compromise – Don’t do it! What lies around and behind you, are small things, compared with what lies behind you. Don’t do it!

I woke up very early this morning, with a strong urge to write down and publish these thoughts. I don’t know if I’m writing for me, or if someone’s life will be preserved from danger by reading this. Temptations come in different shapes and sizes – for some it tests their financial propriety, for others their marital faithfulness or sexual purity, for yet some others, their professed values. Temptations are examinations, they only come, when you are meant to proceed to your next level. All of a sudden, what you have always had a position on, becomes so cheap and so easy, all of a sudden the price of compromise falls in the market place, and holding on seems the costlier thing to do, don’t do it!

See, this is the way it works. Whatever pleasure or comfort is derived from the moment of compromise will not last for long. The feelings of excitement and ecstasy felt when desecrating your marital vows or chastity values for example, do not linger on to carry you through the day talk less of a year. The pleasure soon gives way to guilt, and guilt quickly gives way to shame, shame is followed up by an urge to cover up and that is where the real issues begin!

In the corridors where your voice once rang, you hear the boast of your detractors ringing loud – “who haven’t I conquered?”, “where haven’t I been?”, “who is incorruptible?”, “Who can boast of faithfulness?” Down in your heart, you know that just a few days ago, your answer was I, but not anymore. Yet you can’t push the words aside, they haunt you, and hang over your head like blackmail, you are willing to go further and wider, just to deface that little hole that now has it’s address on your once airtight armor. Don’t do it!

In simple summary – the compromises you make today, will haunt you tomorrow. The errors in judgement to succumb to, will make it difficult for you to stand objective tomorrow. The pleasure of the inappropriate, will give way to guilt, shame and a compelling season of compromise and cover ups. Never participate in what you will not be proud of if announced on TV in front of your family and loved ones. Don’t let the future decide itself, imagine what’s possible and take your stand long before it happens. Make up your mind today – that no matter how much the fee of financial impropriety is, you will stay faithful. Make up your mind, that no matter how desirable the moments of sexual pleasure with that certain “angel” is, you will never dabble. Make up your mind not to ever barter your values for easy street. My friend, don’t do it!

I hope these words saves someone from impending danger! It saved me, I woke up this morning feeling excited that the pressures upon me, where only a dream! But it has strengthened my resolve. I won’t do it!

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