Dear Husband, Your wife is not inferior to you, no matter how it looks today

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Deolu Akinyemi

Don’t let your culture, faith, upbringing, or society deceive you. Don’t also let the divide in your knowledge or experience deceive you. You are not superior to your wife, nor is your wife inferior to you in any way. This sense of inequality is robbing many homes. This robbery is not just of the esteem of the woman of the house, but it’s robbing the man and the children too.

First, let’s establish that equality is even beyond marriage. It is widely accepted that everyone, regardless of gender, is unique and equal. This belief is reflected in many laws and principles, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”

In the context of marriage, it is important for both partners to recognize and respect each other’s individuality and to treat each other as equals. A healthy and fulfilling marriage is one in which both partners can express themselves freely and valued for who they are. It is not based on one partner being superior to the other.

However, it is important to note that in many societies, traditional gender roles and expectations can create power imbalances within a marriage. For example, some cultures may expect the husband to be the primary breadwinner or decision-maker, while the wife is expected to prioritize caregiving and household responsibilities. While every husband and wife is unique and equal, societal expectations and power imbalances can sometimes challenge this equality. It is up to each couple to recognize and challenge these imbalances and work towards creating a truly equal and fulfilling partnership.

It is important for couples to challenge these societal expectations and strive for a more equal and balanced partnership. This can involve having open and honest conversations about each partner’s goals, needs, strengths, weaknesses and expectations and actively working to dismantle gender stereotypes and power imbalances.

Here are a few things that are lost to this feeling of superiority or inequality.

1. Synergy to achieve 10X. Synergy provides the access road to maximizing the amazing power of leverage in partnerships. It is only possible to synergize when each of the parties is humble enough to recognize the difference of the other party and respect and celebrate it. 1+ 1 will never be greater than 10 without synergy, if you don’t get how to work together, you will be chasing 20% and losing 80% of your potential steadily.
2. Maximized seasons. Many couples lose out on the seasons of their abundance because the key player of the family (sometimes the wife) was benched too long because of our gender and societal stereotypes. Couples must understand when it’s their season and when it’s their spouses’ season. No matter how fast you run without the baton in a relay race, you aren’t winning the race; just fooling around.
3. Long-term benefits. Men are good at short dashes, while women are fantastic at running long distances. This isn’t new, though, the sperm that fertilized the egg was the fastest sperm, and the functional part of that activity took a few seconds. On the other hand, the woman incubates the new union and grows it over nine months. Nature already shows that men have the seed, but women own the field. You are playing a short game if you do not involve your wife. Women are queens of the long game. Your role is to give them what to multiply.
4. The Children. Many husbands ultimately lose their children based on how they handled their mum. The most crucial vocation in life is that which grants you the opportunity to grow another human being. While fathers are stereotypically going out to win the bread, they have inadvertently left the most important work to the wife they treat as inferior. Well, don’t wait till your old age to realize that what your children send to you for support is not what they send their mother.

I could go on, but so as not to write a long epistle as I am known to do, let me stop here and let demand by wives, push me to pencil down four more losses.

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