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In a bid to expand it’s business, and add value over a wider scope of the global terrain, Generis Universal Tactical Solutions (GUTS) is currently recruiting for 150 Affiliate Business Consultants. While majority of the qualified candidates will be Nigerians, the management of Generis is also looking forward to hiring applicants from nationals of other countries. These new hires will be the first batch of a recruitment drive targeted and gainfully employing over 500,000 young and vibrant Nigerians and other nationals.

This Advertisement is valid until the 15th of April, 2008. The Application form is on the top right when looking at this site. It’s tagged, “ABC Registration Form”. It is recommended that you inform your friends that are looking for Jobs about this opportunity as well, this is because the more the people that are referred by you, the better your chances of being shortlisted. Rather than the conventional system of keeping a job opportunity secret so that you have little or no competition, we are looking for people who think otherwise, and we are willing to offer them the opportunities first.

Job Title

ABC – Affiliate Business Consultant

Salary Expectations

N20,000 – N5,000,000/month depending on previous experience and entry level. There are options for fixed monthly salary or commissions depending on preference.

Job Description

Investment Consulting – local and foreign.
Client Management.
Property brokering – local and foreign
Web hosting Consultants
Portfolio Management
Direct Marketing/ Consulting
Training and Coaching

Working Hours

This is a full time Job. Applicants interested in taking this up as part-time would be considered, but as the last options.

An ABC is:

The true Information Age Consultant.
One who makes a living providing information, value and opportunities for others.
One who combines the skill sets of a connector, maven and salesman to spread opportunities.


Financial Intelligence.
Strong personal Drive.
Willingness to Learn aggressively
Writing and ICT skills
Account Penetration and Selling Skills
Patriotism – Alignment with New Nigeria Club Values
Strong communication skills
Networking Skills
Basic Education
Ability to deliver results in 1 month.

Note: Some of the required skills are skills that will be developed in the course of the pre-engagment training.

Application Process

To apply for this opportunity, simply click on ABC Registration Form the side of this website and feel the form appropriately. To increase your chances of being shortlisted, spread the word to your friends so that when they fill their form, they refer to you as having informed them. The candidates with the highest referrals will be given priority.

Please fill the forms with accurate information and on time as applications will be treated on first come first serve basis. Applicants will be contacted via there emails and mobile phones.

Please do not call Adeolu Akinyemi in any attempt to influence him to become a preferred candidate, he shall not be actively involved in the recruitment process. Posting this here ahead of full page adverts in the dailies already makes you preferred, don’t blow it.

Our plan is to start with the first 150 ABCs in April, and to commence the drive for the others in May and June. Please be patient during this exercise, and watch out for regular information on this site. We will be taking a few full page Job Adverts in the course of the weeks ahead for this opportunities as well for those that miss it here and if the need for it still exists.

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