Bankers, Ticketing Agents and Sewing Machines

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Deolu Akinyemi

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It’s been a while I have been brooding on this topic, and I do not mean to personally attack anybody or any profession. What you are about to read may upset you, it may also set you free and motivate you. I have learnt however that life is made up of what we choose. Many students often attend the same class and get different grades, it’s not because the teacher  taught them different things, it’s because of the choices they made. Usually, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

These three, Bankers, Ticketing Agents and Sewing Machines have one stricking similarity. I know because I have been around many bankers and have a good number as friends,  I have also worked with an airline and even drawn up job descriptions for ticketing agents. I also grew up watching my mum use a sewing machine. Their point of similarity is a sobering reality. A reality that every one of you reading this mail must make it a point of duty to break away from. It must be your prayer point, a strong desire, infact a burning passion never to share this trait with any of these icons.

The sewing machine sews clothes for the whole world, while itself is naked! The Ticketing Agent prints tickets for all to fly around the world, while he/she remains grounded. The banker also, unfortunately banks money for people not as intelligent as her, but lives from paycheck to paycheck with nothing in the bank!

Does it not sound ironic to you, that the one that ought to be the pipe through which all the water flows does not get wet? Isn’t it absurd, that the sewing machine is naked? That the Ticketing Agent has no ticket of her own, and that the banker simply doesn’t have much to bank? My sincere prayer for you as you read this, is that your story will not be like the proverbial sewing machine, the ticketing agent or the banker! Familiarity will not rob you of your blessings, proximity will not deny you of your reward! May you get the wisdom required not to starve in the midst of plenty nor to thirst in the sea of abundance.

Here are a key thoughts you must never allow to rob you of your full potentials.

1. A Full Cup

“Some people be acting like they know it all” – 2 Face Idibia

If you think you know a lot, or know it all, and use that as a basis to determine what you allow yourself to listen to, mark my words and read my lips – “you will be the last mover in a growing economic trend, and you will lose out big time!” It is the saying of the wise that pride goes before a fall, it sure does. If your cup is full, you cannot take in new knowledge, you can’t understand new perspectives. One of the first things you are likely to think even reading this is, “this is not for me, I know someone that it applies to”. Sincerely? Shut up and pay attention. Things are not as they seem, conventional knowledge is being stood on it’s head. What you have always believed might no longer be true. The frame with which you see the world may be tinted. Don’t jump into conclusions based on your limited experience. Empty your cup! Your office is not the universe! No matter how bright your boss is, there are brighter people out there in the bigger world. The standard practice in your work does not govern the world. It is important for your employer to make you think you are smart so you can deliver your best, your intelligence must radiate beyond the scope of your managers commendation. This is the way it I  have always done it is no excuse for not trying out a different way. The only things that should be none negotiable are value positions. For knowledge and all else, empty your cup regularly!

2. Giving Up!

“Perseverance is failing 19times and succeeding on the 20th” – Julie Andrews

“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other”- Walter Elliot

“Without perservance, talent is a barren bed” – Welsh Proverb

There is so much that has been said over time about perseverance. I don’t still get if people actually understand it.  Talent by itself does not qualify anyone for success! There is no other skill or attitude that can take the place of perseverance. It’s the key to the final door that leads to success, fortune or fame! It’s the element that tips the fragile balance between obscurity and celebrity! The worlds celebrated are not the worlds best, they are the people who refuse to give up! Sometimes I feel like giving people bridles for their mouth when they quote Thomas Edison, we talk about him and celebrate him, yet if he was in our generation we would have rated him closer to an idiot than a genius. With over 1000 patents to his name, this man put his footprints in the stones of time, not by genius, not by skill, but by perseverance.  One element of his guiding philosophy can be seen in one statement he once made – Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.  It’s so easy for intellectuals to give up, we quickly rationalize and agree it doesn’t work. In fact it’s bright people with many options that are most likely to give up, optionless people will keep trying. If you look at the music industry and check out the celebrities and their stories, what you will find is people who kept going and going because they murdered their options. People fail less than 10 times at anything and they give up! No wonder we are surrounded with failures!

3. No Faith in their Dreams!

“Your hands can’t hit what your eyes can’t see” – Mohammed Ali

It’s quite touching and pityful to watch a rat running on one spot on a rotating wheel. It’s like a man running on a threadmill only this time around, there is no end – the wheel keeps moving and the rat keeps running. It’s all on one spot, making lot of action, but no real progress. It’s very sorrowful for the rat, and much more sorrowful for the human being who exists in this frame of reference. We can say the rat has no choice, but for a human being – the person must be daft or like a mentor says – he’s a moron! If your life is largely – Wake up, go to work, come back home, sleep and go to work you are a perfect match!

Why on earth will a human being with a purpose and a dream live like a rat in a revolving wheel? Why will one whole month pass, without a human being paying attention to her dream or the things that really truly matter to him or her? Can you explain that? Everytime I play cashflow 101, I simply watch people and a point always rings home – People who are in the rat race, who are still encumbered with making a salary and trying to be free, never think about their dreams. Dreams are for free people! While you are not yet literally free however, it takes faith in your dreams, a strong belief that you are meant to be relevant, and unwavering conciousness of your responsibility to the world, to break free! Do you have a dream? Do you have Faith? Or are you satisfied with living your life on the threadmill of motion without progress?

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