Adeolu Akinyemi

Connecting the Dots

Understanding how to connect the dots can radically transform your life, make you live with more courage and a more meaningful life. Many times, our lives don’t go according to our plans. We plan to go from A to B and somehow find ourselves being distracted to C, D and F. It makes planning feel …

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Mentorship Session 3.0 with Adeolu Akinyemi

Which of the following will you like to achieve? – Your business to multiply by more than 10X – To be able to pay your debts without hassles? –  To Understand how to earn well from crypto without distractions? – Make your wife/husband and other relationships productive and happy with you? – Know where you …

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True Satisfaction!!

True satisfaction doesn’t come from having things. Things are like the fleeting taste of sweet, your tongue feels it while it’s there, but once it gets into your belly, it can cause more harm than good. True satisfaction is the quest of every human being, and where we seek for is a matter of where …

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Squid Game vs Play to Earn

One of the Biggest Trends in the blockchain space creating millionaires of higher value than the squid game is the play-to-earn concept. How it works is very simple. The gaming space has millions of players already, and they have several platforms to operate as a community. The advent of the internet brought gamers closer together, …

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How To Differentiate Yourself From Your Peers

Everybody wants to have amazing results, but not everybody is willing to pay the price of the amazing results. Everyone would love to earn more money, but not everyone is willing to put in all that it takes. The world is filled with more wishing and fewer grinding. If you want to be in the …

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