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It’s been quite a while I have updated the public on wonderful personal development opportunities that are available for anyone desirous of making the best of their lives and investments. The quote says that the best time to plant a tree was 20yrs ago, but the next best time is NOW. The greatest and best investment we’ll ever make, is investing in our lives. There are a number of opportunities to help you make the most of your life this year and I’m happy to bring them to you.

180 degrees Seminars

There’ll be a string of personal development seminars this year. There will be different features every week for the span of 40weeks. At the end of 40weeks, everyone that has 10units will be given a recognized certification in a range of personal development topics for each of the modules of 10units. These seminars will features series on Financial Empowerment, Business Development, Finding Purpose, Self Awareness, Public Speaking, Making Money Online, Stock Trading, Forex Trading, Networking to Millions, Business Financing, Social Skills Development e.t.c. The seminars will be featuring the best of facilitators from within the development industry. These seminars will cost N1000, per session but will be discounted for New Nigeria Club members. The first Unit – Introduction to Financial Empowerement will kick off on Sunday the 24th of February. (It will feature seasoned professionals making money with stock, forex, real estate, integrity, networking, intellectual property, public speaking e.t.c.) Attendance is on a first come first serve basis and it’s strictly by registration. To register send me a mail on “contact us” with your basic contact details and 180Degrees as Subject of mail.

Mentorship Session

Mentorship Session will take place on the 16th of March, 2008. This mentorship or guidance session will be with Gbenga Sesan, Niyi Adesanya and Myself (Adeolu Akinyemi), the theme will be -Taking Responsibility. It will be an opportunity to discuss together and share experiences on how we can all take responsibility for our lives, and then some other issues around us. It’s usually a 2 hrs session. We’ll be hosting participants in a hotel this time around and there will be slight refreshment. The fee per head is N1200 to take care of overhead costs. New Nigeria Club members are also welcome at a discount. If you are interested in attending this as well, or you want to register your friends, please drop a mail here by clicking “Contact Us”, please leave all your basic contact details and subject – Mentorship Session.

Billionaires in Training

For all who have no clue how to plan for their retirement, for those who don’t have clear strategies for becoming financially free. This is an opportunity for you to engage in one of the greatest eye opening opportunities into financial freedom. It’s a 6hrs plus course that is designed to give you an opportunity to network with great minds from different industries, make new friends and move from zero financial intelligence to hero financial intelligence in one night. This is one session backed up with an interesting board game that will keep you awake all night with your adrenaline firing on all cylinders. You will not only gain mastery over your financial future, you will have a ball while at it. The testimonies we have gotten from participants of this course have been so extreme, we’ve had people practically thanking us for the opportunity of showing them their lives. You can’t afford to miss this. Facilitators include a number of seasoned investors and myself (Adeolu Akinyemi). The training comes with buffet, cocktail, breakfast and accommodation. The event will be taking place from 8pm on Friday the 28th of March till noon on the 29th of March at Elomaz Hotel. Couple N50,000, single N40,000. NNC members discount applies. To Register please send me a mail via contact me indicating your interest in BIT, and providing me with your basic contact details. This current class already has 20+ participants. Hurry while sits still exist.

HR MBA (Human Resources Methods Become Action)

This is our 4 season of HR MBA in our desire to establish a center of excellence for HR. We have had sponsored candidates from a variety of companies and industries. Ranging from Oil and Gas, to Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing, Services, Consulting to NGOs. The learning opportunities have been exceptional, with seasoned HR veterans facilitating different aspects of the course. Our lectures have been taken by Human Resources Directors in multinationals, General Managers, Senior HR Managers, Senior HR consultants from leading consultancies and Human Resources experts. The HR MBA spans a 4 day tenure of Saturdays and Sundays. This HR MBA Season will be holding on the 29th and 30th of March and the 5th and 6th of April, 2008. We have already secured the alignment of our seasoned facilitators and have an 1/2 filled class already. This course costs a token of N80,000 per participant with discounts for companies sponsoring up to 4 people and above. Non-company sponsored participants and NNC members enjoy a discount. If you are interested in Registering for this, send me a mail indicating your interest and providing me with basic contact details. Please click “Contact Us” on this site, and send a mail.

Team Effectiveness

If your department or company wants to go for a retreat to bond better together, and you have been considering any other company, it’s because you have not experienced us. Our prices are not particularly the cheapest in the market, but our services are quite in a class of their own. We ensure we give our clients more value than they paid for, and leave them with experiences they’ll relive all year long. We’ve done Team Effectiveness/Team Bonding an obscene number of times for a number of units, and we enjoy it. If you are thinking about having the time of your life… try us. You can send me a mail via contact me to indicate interest, you can facilitate our meeting with your decision makers. We are adding Billionaire in Training as a special feature to all our Team Effectiveness Workshops till April ending.

New Nigeria Club

The New Nigeria Club is waxing stronger, and we just bagged to additional worldclass endorsements. We got the support of two new New Nigeria Icons that have global reputations for excellence, integrity and leadership. I’m also proud to announce to you that we are living up to our declarations of our objectives. We’ve covered so much ground and done so much work. 3yrs from now, the side of history we will occupy is a function of our positions today- whether we were hearers or doers. If you want to join and have only not understood how, pls go to and click join us, you can use ibelieve as your sponsor. You can contact me from this website about how to pay, so I can help you pay online. The New Nigeria Club is being seen by key leaders as the biggest effort in Creative National Development ever. Do join us today.

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