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In order to further organize this site, I have decided to restrict adverts to once a week, and have posts that will be clearly tagged Adverts. This way you can come here and decide whether you want to read adverts or not (hopefully you’ll read :)). There are so many things coming up ahead that need reminders, some will be what we are doing directly, and some by other people.

Some of the programs happening this month are, Billionaire in Training (Cash Flow 101), HR MBA (HR Methods Becoming Actions), Mentorship Session and Retire Young Retire Rich. We are also marketing 3 products, Recharge, Ecash and Egold

Billionaire in Training

The last two editions of these that we have had have been mind blowing. We’ve hosted Directors of companies, senior managers, managers, pilots, consultants, business people, corporate professionals from different walks of life and everyday people.

The last edition of Billoniare In Training BIT was breath taking. It was on the 29th of June and the venue was Elomaz Hotel in Maryland. The evening started with dinner after which we all got down to the business of the day-getting out of the rat race.

It was amazing how Engineers and Doctors became efficient Accountants with a rather high level of financial intelligence and good knowledge of investment. It was fun, educative, informative and it afforded us the opportunity to meet great minds [billoniares].

The game cash flow, is intended to awaken our financial genius. Its been there all along so this is just an eye opener and the more you play, the richer you get.

Billoniare in training just got bigger, the next edition after this is holding in Dubai and it promises to be 10 times better than all other editions put together. Those who were present in the first and second edition, would agree that it gets better and better.

We intend to still have this third one in Lagos. It’s going to hold on the 28th -29th of July, Friday night to Saturday Evening. Please book ahead by contacting Ogho on 080541104008. This season will accommodate only 40 people. There is also an option for people who don’t want to take the hotel accommodation option.

Forex Trading Training

We had a Forex Trading Training on 7th July, 2007. It was extraordinary! I have found the best Forex Trading Trainer in Nigeria! Not only did he guarantee that if you follow his instructions you will definitely succeed, he also gives life membership to his 3000 members community for a give away price. He’s been trading for 7yrs and been giving his investors over 20% for a year now. In January due to events in Japan, he was able to make mouth watering amounts that guaranteed his payouts for 12months plus.

During this training, you will not only learn trading techniques, you will learn how not to loose money. Very exhaustive, very exciting, very informative. Cliff is a great trader and trainer, I’m not sure you’ll see them better. He currently manages a few hundreds of thousands for the best Forex Community in Nigeria. Generis Solutions brings him to you again on the 14th of July, 2007, for a token sum of N35,000 only. Together with the training materials you will also have access to 1months support, and lifetime coaching if you desire.

When you retire, what will you do? People flew in from Abuja for the last one. Don’t miss this, to register ahead. Call Felix @ 08023163645. Paying at the venue will cost N45,000.

Mentorship Session

This is a monthly feature, it promises to feature Gbenga Sesan, Myself and a Visiting Guest Mentor. We hope to have 30 people in this session. It’s usually an open meeting where we share our hearts and secrets with people that come. A token of N1000 is charged to take care of the venue and slight refreshment. This session will be holding at the Blue Ribbons Hotel. To book ahead, please contact Tola @ 08057109512

Retire Young Retire Rich

This is an intensive seminar on Ecash Invest and Clubfreedom. It’s organized by Reino-Inforserve and will be taking place at Elomaz hotel, Maryland, behind planet one. There will be two sessions, 2pm to 4pm and 4pm to 6pm. I’ll be facilitating together with a 7yrs experienced Forex Trader who will talk about the intrigues of forex trading. The last seminar we had for this in Sheraton was so helpful, that many have called in to say thank you. Some dormant Clubfreedom downlines that came to the event have since gotten aggressive and now better understand the program. Get your downlines or prospective downlines active. This is a great opportunity to do that. The fee for this seminar is 2000 naira if you pay ahead, and 3000 if you pay at the Venue. For more information about this event. Pls contact Festus @ 08032068424 or Iffy @ 08055921005.

HR Methods Becoming Actions

This has been done 3 times already, and every next session is richer and better. This is a course for people who want to build their careers in HR, who are line managers, or who want to switch to HR. We invite Directors and Senior HR from leading multinational companies with HR Best Practices. Many of our alumni have come from leading manufacturing companies, financial services sector, phamaceuticals, oil and gas companies e.t.c. The testimonies from participants have been motivating. If you want to build an HR career, this is HR Center of Excellence in West Africa.

The course covers the following key topics, stretches for 4 days. 26th to 29th of July and costs 80,000 naira only.

  • What makes HR unique – Vision, roles and competencies for competitive advantage
  • Employee & Industrial Relations
  • Organization Effectiveness
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Performance Management
  • The Business Connection: How HR adds business value
  • Talent Supply
  • Learning & Development
  • Diversity
  • Competency Modelling – Introduction
  • What it takes to succeed in HR – HR Careers and Learnings from HR Practitioners

For more information about this, contact Tope @ 08033469632


Our monthly subscription magazine Recharge has been on now for 6 months, and it’s waxing stronger. You can subscribe for One full year for as little as N3000 and 6 months for N1500 – That’s just how much it takes to buy a recharge card. It covers a variety of timeless topics. If you want to subscribe pls call Yemisi @ 08023623119 or 0700-RECHARGE


If you want to buy E-gold, I sell in multiples of $9500 at discounted prices, if you want less, I can link you with credible agents. Call me.


Have you been wondering how to fund your ecash wallet? With Ecash Invest Clubfreedom Rocks! One of the things that continues to excite me about clubfreedom is innovation. For a company that is not 1yr already, so many improvements have been added to make the program better and last much much longer. From Revolving Travel, to 6k4you and now Ecash Invest! It’s getting exciting here in Nigeria…and somehow, I feel, it’s just the beginning of many many years of freedom to come!

One of the things that will make it absolutely easy to spread the wide and reach of Ecash Invest in Nigeria, is to make ecash abundantly available to Nigerians. This will need to be done in an organized and sustainable way. How will I fund my ecash wallet? Do I need to cycle first? Can I trade egold for Ecash? Is there someone I can pay to in Naira? How much will it cost? Ask no further, the answers are here.


Ecash wallet purchases will be done in 4 categories. The big buyers, medium and small buyers.

0-$999 will go for N160 per $
$1,000-$9,999 will go for N155 per $
$10,000 -$99,999 will go for N155-N150 per $
>$100,000 will go for N145 per $

Ecash wallets will be funded within 2 weeks of the funding the accounts the following bank accounts.


First Inland Opebi
Account Number: 124430102601
Account Name: Generis Universal Tactical Solutions

GTBank Ikosi
Account Number: 223863354110
Account Name: Adeolu Akinyemi

GTBank Ikosi
Account Number: 223863332110
Account Name: Generis Universal Tactical Solutions

Or you can simply use the Interswitch payment option on

Next Steps.

Make payments towards funding your ecash account and endeavor to collect an invoice on confirmation of payment for the amount you made deposits for, also indicate your ecash wallet username so you can be credited appropriately. Don’t loose your clubfreedom downlines… join Ecash Invest today!

If you don’t understand how Ecash invest works, make sure you attend retire young retire rich.

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