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The last 7 days of my life have been really exciting and impactful. I have managed to read through the books of Matthew and Mark, in a bid to complete the New Testament over the Next 30 days! I am also excited that a number of people who are following me as I follow Christ are on the same 30 Day Challenge as well. It’s exciting to realise that many people have really never really read their bibles. We are such experts at quoting scriptures like the devil – for our own use, and out of context!

The last 7 days have been eye opening and it’s been quite a great experience to lead people towards the truly important things. It’s so alarming that current Christian culture runs totally contrary to the philosophy of Jesus Christ! I don’t even know from where to begin to explain it to you, save asking you to join us in this amazing ride as well. If the devil has read the bible, and you haven’t, then be rest assured that you are probably sitting pretty in the devils reserve bench as there is no need to even bother about you.

My daughter – Age 9, has done 27 Chapters in Matthew in 3 days, and my Son Age 6, has read 22 Chapters in Matthew also within 3 days. I have also had the opportunity of engaging them on what they learnt, and asking them questions based on what I wanted them to take note of, and their answers have been quite revealing and touching for me. My son understands clearly now, the fact that most of what Jesus did, was fulfilment of prophecy. There is also a clear understanding of the ability of the Devil to quote scriptures, and what determines the difference is the understanding of the full picture! Every TEXT taken out of CONTEXT leaves us with CON!

The word of God is powerful, it’s the SEED! If it’s not being planted in your heart, there will be no HARVEST! It is when you keep God’s word, that God will love you, and you would experience the indwelling of God – father, son and Holy Spirit. – John 14:23. There is no house or place that can be built for God! Heaven is too small to contain Him, so it’s the seat of His Throne, the earth cannot hold  Him, so it’s His Footstool, but there is somewhere God desires to dwell – In the heart of someone who is simple and plain, and who trembles at God’s words – Isaiah 66:1-2. To tremble, you first need to read, study and internalize God’s words! It needs to be come the source of your sustenance. For man shall not live by bread alone, but by a steady flow of God’s word!

Let me give you some amazing trivia – In the book of Matthew, the word Born Again did not surface once. The word Kingdom showed 50 times, and Kingdom of Heaven 32 times. The emphasis of Jesus was to preach about the King, His mandate and his desire to extend the boundaries of His kingdom and to extend the benefits of the same to humanity. In Matthew the word Christian had not been invented, what we had was disciples, and the price of being one was not by saying the lords prayer! No! To be a disciple death was the starting point, the price was also not bait and switch, it was clear from day one! You will need to place the relationship with Jesus ahead of all others. He becomes your Operating System (OS), not an Application (app).

The theme of Jesus is getting clearer, the questions on people’s hearts is increasing! The level of tolerance for wishy washy out of context – Use Jesus for what you want philosophy is reducing. The message of the Bible is clear, but many have been deceived into believing lies, simply because they never really read. It’s time to read, share and learn. I encourage and dare you to join us in this 30 Day discipleship challenge, and see if God won’t take you to a new level!

Here is what you need to do to join the Challenge and below is what the challenge really requires. Please note that Jesus Charge to us is to disciple nations. If you are not doing it, then you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven! It’s not those who say Lord, Lord who enter, but those who Do the Will of God! Matthew 7:21.

To Join the Challenge – Simply comment and say, I am in! Then join us for any of our meetings offline or online on this blog and share what you are learning.

The 30 Day Discipleship Challenge!

1. Pray for the World daily for 30 days (www.operationworld.org)

2. Read through the New Testament in 30 days (To plan)

3. Sacrifice your money for a specific reconciliation/gospel purpose.  Connect your giving to your going. You can also join us, as we choose an outreach project somewhere in the Unreached parts of the world.

4. Spend your time in another context, go out to somewhere different from your normal routes and routine. Don’t’ just sacrifice your money, give yourself! 1 day. Choose a project.

5. Commit your life to a multiplying Community. Witness and disciple others to grow the Church and community you belong to. Invite at least 4 people 8 times this 30 days!

If you are coming in on this, you are not too far behind yet, we are gathering together to share our testimonies and stories on the 29th of June! Are yo in?

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