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Deolu Akinyemi

I want to use this opportunity to congratulate all my readers on the history making event that the world just witnessed. Obama has emerged as America’s 44th President! On the 4th day of the 11th month, multiplied together to equal 44, Barack Obama, becomes America’s 44th President! In a race that lasted 21months, taking off from the cold winter night, and coming into reality in an autum night, history was made, but not only was history made, Barack Obama emerged the biggest brand alive! I also congratulate my friend and brother, Barack Obama.

He inspired hope in the youth, I rallied the races together, he stood on the shoulders of the achievement of Martin Luther King Juniour and all those who ever raised the issue of equality in America, and yes, he did, and yes we can! Beyond all the sentiments of hope, the conversion of the highest non voters turned voters in the history of America and the execution of the most expensive election America ever had, Barack Obama has set up a challenge to the world! This challenge is simple and direct. “You have no excuse in colour, race or background for the achievement of any ideal you have as a dream! Obama shares the same birth day date with me, and stares me in the eye as an intellectual and life challenge, am I just 16yrs behind in age or more?

In his first presidential speech, he made American’s aware that the hope was good, but it would not be a flash in a pan, he assured them that he would not be bringing any rabits out of the hat. He would work towards a miracle but cannot guarantee any. He would need their cooperation, their support, their continued support. He doused their hope with a little bit of reality, but inspired them all the same. He shared his victory with those how made it happen, and those who made him. He shared his love for his family and showed his humanity. He spoke, as a true leader, from his heart, but thoughtful. There is a lot we can learn from the Obama story, but one that stands out clearly to me is – If he can, we can, if he did, we must!

I urge you to readjust your goals, increase your possibilities. You can! You can achieve much more than you have settled for, you can reach for the skies, you can be all that you want to be. Whenever CNN featured his family from Kenya, I feel the contrast, it’s so difficult to imagine these people rising so high, but white pap does proceed from black pots atimes :). Nigeria!!!! Our day and time cometh!

Raise your stakes and goals my friend, look at making history. Don’t settle for the common life. If Obama didn’t make president, he would have made too many things that would have been exceptional. He would have been the toast of many Multinational companies (nations) for CEO. Set your goals so high, the world is inspired to support you… Yes we can!

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