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  1. You say you are baptized with the Holy Spirit, and you have not witnessed to anyone with your mouth in days. So what was the purpose of your baptism?
  1. What type of messages do we preach these days? How come they are so different from the ones in Acts? The templates seem to be, start from wherever the discussion is, connect it to what God had been doing from the beginning and introduce Christ. Where did we get “How to have a great day series?”
  1. What scriptures are we fulfilling right now? Interesting.. Acts 13:27 shows that even those who are opposed to the Gospel by their conduct are also obeying scriptures.
  1. When was the last time you shared the Gospel and someone told you they want to hear it again? Acts 13:42. Today I shared the Gsopel with someone and the person said he really needed time to decide if to follow Jesus or not!
  1. Are you appointed to eternal life? Acts 13:46. You need to understand that the reason you believed is because God already marked you out.
  1. Have you ever been at the end of a whispering campaign? Has anybody poisoned other people’s mind against listening to the truth you are sharing? Or have you been the author of a whispering campaign? God records it in His book. Acts 14:2.
  1. Are you worshiping any man of God? It’s human nature to want to almost adore men that God uses! Listen to Paul, we are men just like you! Listen to Peter, we are men just like you. When you are used of God, don’t let anyone put you on a pedestal like that. Acts 14:15. Those who praise you, will ultimately kill you, beware of men!
  1. Are you suffering for your belief? Are you passing through any hard times because of the faith you have signed up for? If you are not, check it! Anyone signing up into the kingdom of God has to go through plenty of hard times! Acts 14:22
  1. When last did you joing a group of believers to pray, fast and release new leaders to the Master? Acts 14:23. We should do this after this challenge. I perceive that there are leaders getting ready to be sent forth.
  1. When was the last time Church folk disagreed with you on something that seemed merely legalistic? I’ll say regularly. The biggest problem to the ministry to the gentiles where hardline, circumcision happy, tithe wielding, Pharisee indoctrinated believers. They are excited to place people under burdens. Acts 15. Are you like them? Or have you experienced them?
  1. Are you under any ungodly burden? Concerning the alignment requirements placed on the Gentiles they were clear that it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to them. It was not a commandment, just common sense from the law that allowed for a congenial relationship between Jews and Gentiles. Acts 15: 28-29.
  1. Are you aware that Acts is not a book of what to do and what not to do? It’s a report! We need the Holy Spirit to help us decode what is good and what is not. The Holy Spirit takes from Christ and makes known to us. The image by which all scripture is rightly divided is Christ. So Paul, Barnabas and Mark disagreement was indeed human.
  1. Have you shared a testimony lately? Many of us would have testified for God taking ous out of Jail. Not Paul and Silas! They realized that the real testimony was waiting behind to take delivery of a new family for Heaven – The salvation of the Jailors home. Acts 16.
  1. Are you aware tha the believe of the Jailor and the believe of 90% of Christians is different? The Jailor believed that Jesus could be your reason for being in prison, he believed that he could end where he worked by this faith, and yet he accepted the faith. That is the believe that makes you saved, not the say after me believe. Acts 16:32
  1. When will they say about you, “These are the men who turn the world upside down?” Acts 17:6
  1. What is your habit? What do you have the custom of doing? When will it be your custom to engage everyone you meet, and find every platform to share Christ? When? Acts 17:2
  1. Are you like the Berean Christians? Do you read the new testament and check if it aligns with the Old testament? Do you look for Jesus in scriptures? Acts 17:11
  1. When was the last time you ensured you engaged everyone you met? Acts 17:17. Paul engaged anyone who happened along. It honestly is becoming my life. I want it to stay so. Paul was a master at pointing every conversation, even the unknown God!
  1. Are you working to be able to disciple? Or is your work without purpose. It seems clear that Paul used tent building to sustain himself, so he can engage the Jews and Greedks over the weekend and convince them. Acts 18:1-6.
  1. Are you sometimes tired and wondering if nobody is getting it? Don’t worry, people are getting it, God always has a witness. Acts 18:8-11
  1. When was the last time you were involved in strengthening the disciples. What are you doing to strengthen the disciples? Acts 18:23
  1. Are you feeling you need an upgrade? Have you learnt some things on this forum that are true, but you didn’t know them before? Apolos needed an upgrade, he was running on John 3.0, he didn’t know that there was a new release – Jesus Acts 18:25
  1. Have you been to a type of the School of Tyrannus? Acts 19:9,10 Can you imagine extending this 40 day challenge to 2yrs? Can you imagine how your life would be? People are already ensuring they are engaging people with God’s word daily, imagine if this is 40 days back to back for 18 sets? That will be 2yrs.
  1. Are you doing anything inside the closet? Coming out of the closet was used for people who believed and made a clean break of their evil ways. Acts 19:18.
  1. Does money move you? Does it not? How come the times when the disciples really get into trouble is when their message affects other people’s business? People are really attached to mammon! Acts 19:21-41.
  1. Do you get afraid of preaching because you feel you may be insulted and suffer? Are those not the reasons why you should witness? So you can have the joy of getting rewarded in heaven? Paul was told what awaited him in Jerusalem, but he set his face like flint there. Suffering and pain should motivate, not demotivate you. Acts 20:22
  1. Wow! Do you take this work like Paul did? Listen to His words – “But there is another urgency before me now. I feel compelled to go to Jerusalem. I’m completely in the dark about what will happen when I get there. I do know that it won’t be any picnic, for the Holy Spirit has let me know repeatedly and clearly that there are hard times and imprisonment ahead. But that matters little. What matters most to me is to finish what God started: the job the Master Jesus gave me of letting everyone I meet know all about this incredibly extravagant generosity of God.”. Ah in my life… EVERYONE I know!
  1. Are you seeing this prophecy? Are you on the receiving end or giving end? Paul prophesied that after he leaves, there would be savage wolves who will not spare the flock, who will rise up and speak perverse things, and draw away disciples after themselves. People will be ready to kill for them, but would not obey Jesus’s commandment. Acts 20:29-31.
  1. Can I truly also say I have no taste for fashion or wealth and rather prepare to work with my hands? Am I an example of people working for the poor and not exploiting them? Do I know it’s better I’m giving and giving than ever receiving.
  1. Am I maximizing every opportunity to present Christ? Paul’s defence before Agrippa is truly gospel! His purpose was to get everyone in the court saved. Acts 26:29
  1. Am I giving myself any excuse that Paul travelled somewhere before obeying the heavenly vision? I think it’s clear from scriptures that he commenced immediately. Once he repented, he only needed to get how it all leads to Jesus. Acts 26:19-20
  1. Am I allowing the Holy Spirit lead me? Am I being fearless enough to simply follow Him? What about you? Are you committed 100% to wherever he may lead?


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