What is Eternal Life?

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Deolu Akinyemi


The response to this question is fundamental to our faith, yet we don’t understand it. Many people who call themselves believers know there is something wrong with their concept of it, but feel it’s one of those things to simply believe and not think through.

To some it’s living forever, to others it’s life after death, others still it’s life in even after death, as life in hell would be eternal death or damnation, not life. Eternal in dictionary times is forever, without end. If what Jesus offers however is eternal life, then we must understand it.

In the book of Genesis chapter 1… we realize something interesting about the difference between God’s timelines and ours. For the first 3 days of creation, there were neither moons or stars nor sun. This meant that man’s calendar did not start reading until day 4 as, there was no sun to revolve around to start counting years. God exists in a frame of reference beyond time.

A close look at the planetary bodies in and out of our solar system already makes us realize that time is really an illusion, or at best a language used to relate events within ourselves. How do you explain for example that it takes 248 earth years for Pluto to complete 1 year? If God lived in Pluto for example, if he waited for 1 year to speak with me, my great great great grandchild would be the recipient. God however lives in a time reference beyond Pluto. If God lived in “GU Psc b” a planet outside our Solar system, it would take him 80,000 earth years to complete his one year orbit – it gets more interesting right? Let me scatter your mind a little, if my friend lives in Venus then he would complete his year before he completes his day! 20 earth days after he has completed a year, is when he’ll complete his first day! Scattered right? Time is our frame of reference. God is beyond time!

When was Christ slain? The Bible says before the foundation of the world. When were names written in the book of life? Same time. When were we chosen as believers? In Christ before the world began. Do you understand?? We have tried for years to force-fit God into our timelines, and to force-fit God’s timelines into ours. God is eternal. No beginning, no end.

Until you understand this… you don’t know what it means when Jesus announces the true meaning of eternal life… Jesus said… this is eternal life, know God, and Jesus who he sent! Those are loaded words, very loaded words.

If you want to learn more about this… you can listen online (Not there yet, it will be by tomorrow… www.hccc.org.ng), or you can get the CDs for free in any of our physical Bible study meetings.

God’s gift to man is eternal life… Do you have it??

Adeolu Akinyemi
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