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I have decided to place a priority on Network Marketing ahead of other opportunities I currently have a number of reasons. I will write about these reasons, but first let me clear the air by letting you know that this industry is a CHANGE industry. Many of the those who would rather have you as employees will challenge this industry and try their best to keep it from thriving. Also all those who are currently employees will try their best not to make you leave their ranks and file.

I leave it to you as a decision today, to join us, or stay on the sidelines. I urge you however to join us. There are great things coming up along the way. We are building an army of young men and ladies, who will be the first to take position in this great move that is about to happen. I can’t emphasis enough how great a movement this is going to be, or how much change will happen to the lives of those in the midst of this with us? I think we can conquer our continent and go on to conquer the world, but the good thing is that they will not see us coming. I envision that if we build what we want to build silently and strongly enough, we will pocket banks.

First I know that the knowledge on Network Marketing that people have is incomplete, and in some instances perversed. This is why I am going to be investing into a lot of training and development for people, and ask that you join me to make this a reality. That is if you have interest in training and development. There are 9 Key things that the Network Marketing industry can do for you. You can place whichever you want above the others, but I do not know of any other system in the world that provides these opportunities.

1. Financial Freedom

America is the most entrepreneural country in the world today, hence their statistics give us an idea of the upper limits in entreprenuerial achievement. In America, the statistics shows that only 1% of the population will be financially free at 65. 4% will be independent, 56% dependent and 34% dead, and another 5% still working. Financial freedom is no mean feat. It requires work in any discipline you get it from, and it requires discipline. Out of the 1% that achieve financial freedom in America, 74% of them are entrepreneurs, 10% CEOs, 8% professionals then you haev a few others. Your chances of making it are slim, the channels that can guarantee your freedom the most is business. Network Marketing is the business of this century and is a people based business franchise that is turning people over from ordinary people to extra ordinary people. Financial freedom is when your passive income more than covers for your living expenses.

2. Extra Income

For some people the dream of financial freedom is still many years down the line. All they want is a little extra income coming in regularly and helping them to take care of their basic needs, thier children’s school fees, house rentals e.t.c. How much extra income do you want? Is an extra $250 per week enough? How about an extra $1000 per week? What if I told you you could have much more than these? I hate to spell it out to you, but while you didn’t know, many people are enjoying much more already, and it doesn’t matter if you work for Shell or at the Mint. If you want extra income, this industry can support you.

3. Meet More People

Some of us are just social beings. We get our greatest kicks from meeting new and varied people. We enjoy travelling, but our favourite journey is from soul to soul. We are excited about the possibility of interacting with new people and having them on our network. If you get a kick from meeting new people, Network Marketing helps you to broaden your scopes and reach more and more people. If I share with you the number of people I have had the privilege of meeting this year alone, and the other side attraction deals that are going down. It’s awesome.

4. Helping Others

No matter how much we make, no matter where we are based, some of us will never know satisfaction or joy until we are able to lift up another soul. Our type loves to hear the word thank you, but our drive is more than thank you. We feel a release and sense of accomplishment when we aid another’s journey. Roberk Kiyosaki calls network marketing the business school for people who love helping people. I just got a new copy of this book and am going to get it read and done again in the next few days. If helping other people gives you a kick, welcome to the right industry.

5. Personal Development

I’m a trainer, a speaker, a coach, a blogger – many things. I’m extremely passionate about personal development and among all the things I have tried and all the options that I have seen. I have not seen an industry that drives it’s active members to develop themselves so fast as this industry. Daily one needs to read, daily one needs to meet new people. There are videos to watch, presentations to analyze and books to read to get better and better in this art of building networks. I have met shy people turned bold, soft spoken people become exceptional communicators, geeks become marketers. This industry develops you fast and arms you with a  life skills – selling, networking, communicating, coaching, supporting.

6. More Spare Time

Time is life, the more the time you have the more your ability to enjoy your life. If what you want is more spare time and not to be bound to the moronic existence of going to work and coming back home, this industry positions you well for that. If what you want is more time, we have it here.

7. Own Your Own Business

Statistics also shows that of people between the ages of 25 and 46 over 90% are interested in owning their own businesses. The cost of infrastructure, registeration, hiring e.t.c is overbearing. Also statistics show that over 95% of companies go down in their first 2yrs. Businesses are good to have, but the cost of starting off prohibits it as an option for many people. In this model however you can get to own your own business without worrying about infrastructure, hiring e.t.c. Apart from these however, you can get all the support you need from your team members and uplines.

8. Leave a Legacy.

A very respected man once called his friend and shared pure wisdom with him. He told him that the work he does for another organization cannot be stored as wealth for his children. There is no legacy left in the routine of waking up early to got to work to come back late to wake up early. If you want to leave a legacy, you want prosterity to remember you for great things, you will need to put your finger prints on something bigger than you. Get involved in a system that outlives you and continues to pay you. If you are concerned about leaving a legacy this industry is one you should consider as well.

For people who do not understand what network marketing is, please find a small article below that shares some of my thoughts on network marketing.

Marketing vs. Network Marketing

I discovered that no matter what department we claim to be, we will all sell! Since I discovered this, I have tried hard to develop my skills and to assist others in doing the same.

I got approached by a company a few weeks ago, who wanted me to drive the sales of their product for them. They explained the marketing strategy and got me to really like their product. I asked them one question however that got them thinking. I asked them that since I was one of the first few people they considered to market their product on their behalf, what would be the benefit I would get from the marketing leads generated indirectly from my sales efforts. The Marketing Manager asked for clarity which I promptly provided. At that point, he began to scratch his head and look disturbed; it was a question they had no answer for.

Conventional marketing offers you an opportunity to make commissions from only the sale you make directly. Whatever happens by your customer informing another customer on and on, has nothing to do with you. You earn from the direct sales you make and no more. I don’t know about you, but I’m tempted to call this unfair. Relying on years of marketing directly myself, I understand how it works, the company does not rely on only the sales man to close the sales, and the company invests in all forms of advertisement and can easily claim that any of these are responsible for the sales.

In network marketing however, because the company deliberately relies on one form of advertisement – the recommendation of a friend, they ensure that anytime a marketer makes a sale, they track the sale and all subsequent sales from that network. What evolves eventually is a scenario where the marketer or referrer makes a commission from all the sales that happens within his/her network. This by far is the fairest marketing deal in the world! A deal that even when you are no longer marketing creates passive commission earning opportunities for you.

In recognizing the best opportunities, there are two key things you must check out:

1. Product

Is there a viable product? Is the product one that you can buy without the presence of a business opportunity or paid commissions?

If the product is viable and good, then it passes step 1. Alternatively, if the product does not exist or is useless, then what you have is a ponzi or pyramid scheme so steer clear.

2. Business Opportunity or Reward Model

There are a few questions I have learnt from experience to ask.

a. Can the reward system be gamed or cheated? If it can, then trust people to try to cheat it. One popular cheat is when people use their own money to buy the product in multiple forms creating false unreplicable sales. This makes the reward system stuck, as fake people have been sold to, and they will never duplicate themselves. A clear example of this is any system that uses boards.

b. Do you continue to earn passive income even if you stop working after a while? If the answer is no, then don’t touch it. Network marketing is great for its potentials to generate passive income. If it doesn’t generate passive income, don’t bother. If you are likely to split to some place where you will not earn until you work again, let it go!

c. Who is behind the company? Are they known or hidden? Are they credible or dubious? Who are the leaders in your local environment? Are they honourable or crooked? Do they care about others or about themselves? People attract as friends the type of people they are, if they are relating with crooks in your country, you don’t need to meet them to know.


Marketing is an essential skill that we all need to learn and use!

The best marketing deal in the world is the network marketing deal!

There are 3 characteristics of a great Network Marketing Deal.

I’m involved with a company called Holidays and Cash. You can mail me so I can give you to a sponsor next in line, I will do the same for someone on your behalf, but you will commit to play your own part as well. My email is deolu@deoluakinyemi.com

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Are you earning enough passively to take care of your living expenses

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