Unveiling the Secret: How I Stay Calm Amid Life’s Wildest Storms

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Deolu Akinyemi

Yesterday, someone close to me posed a profound question that struck a chord within me. In fact, it’s a question I believe every person in my network, and indeed, within my community, deserves an answer to.

This individual, who witnesses my daily struggles, couldn’t fathom how I managed to maintain an unwavering composure despite the overwhelming challenges I faced. They were perplexed by the fact that while they discovered the unfortunate truth of burying countless crates of eggs and giving away hundreds more due to the haphazard Naira Swap in Nigeria, I seemed impervious to the turmoil, both in person and on social media.

“How do you do it?” she inquired, her eyes brimming with curiosity. “How do you find the strength to remain calm, content, and seemingly unaffected, even when the world around you is spinning out of control?”

Allow me to respond first with an analogy and then delve deeper into a more direct explanation.

Each night, we dutifully lock our doors to ward off potential intruders. Yet, we know that if armed intruders were to approach, forcefully demanding entry, they could easily bypass our barricades without causing destruction. They could simply request us to open the door peacefully, sparing unnecessary damage. This analogy serves as a poignant reminder that it is not the locked gates themselves that truly protect us; rather, it is the divine presence of God that shields us from harm. Without His protection, no padlock can ensure our safety. With this realization, we can lay our heads down to rest each night, unruffled by whether the gate remains locked or if someone opens it.

Our ability to remain calm amidst life’s tumultuous storms is deeply rooted in our perception of the one who truly sustains and uplifts us. Once we comprehend that God resides within us, our smiles in the face of adversity become genuine and unwavering.

Now, you may wonder, what keeps me composed when faced with the most harrowing storms? Believe me, I have weathered many tempests, far more than I would dare to reveal. The answer lies in one simple yet profound word: trust. But trust my dear reader, is far from a mere cliché. It embodies the essence of placing our hope and reliance on God, knowing that the valleys we traverse serve as catalysts for our growth while the mountaintops celebrate our triumphs. Our trust in God is firmly rooted in the understanding that, regardless of the trials we endure, He has a meticulously crafted plan—one that surpasses our limited comprehension—and within that plan, He has the very best in store for us. Though we may not perceive it in the present moment, we find solace in the unwavering faith we have placed in Him. For He never falters. In fact, my personal mantra echoes through my being—I remain steadfast!

Trust, however, is not forged in an instant. It is a daily habit, a continuous effort to connect the dots that reveal God’s unwavering faithfulness, a steadfast anchor firmly grounding us. Gradually, as we cultivate this habit, our trust in God grows, and no matter what may befall us, we stand resolute in our unwavering faith!

Kind Regards,

Adeolu Akinyemi.

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