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The Creative Process

For the last 4 weeks, I have been listening intently to the Secret, and searching for further understanding so I can build my life into a magnetic force strong enough to attract the things I desire towards me. I have been keen in understanding the creative process. How do we ensure that what we want becomes reality? How do we create from the invisible to the visible. I am not writing about creativity or creative thinking, I’m writing about the Creative Process. The process involved in manifesting intentions. Let’s say for example I want to own and drive a Range Rover Sport HSE as soon as possible, and I don’t want to spend any of the money I have today. Is there a process with which I can cause this to happen? My study says yes, and there is a sure fire way to make it happen.

First of all you need to understand that all of life exists in two states. Now this is what I have personally discovered and I’ll explain it in two ways.

1. Albert Einstein possibly discovered this as well, when he stated that E=MC(Squared) – one of the worlds greatest underutilized and not fully fathomed equations. If you look at that equation properly, it says something. It says that on one side of the equation is Energy, and on the other side of the equation is mass, distance and time. What this says is that all that has mass and functions within the realm of distance and time, are created by things that are unseen – energy. There is a dimension of existence that is unseen and energy based, and there is a dimension of existence that is seen and mass, distance and time based. In the energy realm, there is no time, no distance and no mass. The bible also states that the things that are seen are made by the things that are unseen. It makes perfect sense to conjecture that every living an unliving thing has two phases, the energy state and the mass state.

2. In the basic sciences, we were taught that every object is made up of basic elements, there are over 120 of these elements. These elements are made up of energy levels occupied by invisible electrons. Beyond the molecular is the elementary and beyond the elements you have energy levels. The last form of any object is the energy form. Everything is made up of energy. Every thing.

Once you have these clearly, you begin to see that the seen world takes it’s root from an unseen world. Energy is the fabric with which all of life’s form is made. The next question is what is energy made up of, what or who is energy and how can you make things exist in the energy world?

Physicists tell us that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, that energy is the origin of all things and the final decomposed state of all things. Interestingly, the only other time this kind of definition is used, is when describing God, we say he’s the alpha and the omega, the one who is the source of all things. If we go back to the story of creation however, we know that God created his word, by giving voice to His thoughts. In other words the source of energy is thought. Small wonder physicists now admit, that there can be no universe without the concept of the human mind. The foundational creative force for all energy which is the last thing conceivable by the physics mind is thought. All things originate from thought.

So in the creative process, the steps are as simple as, hold a thought or an intention, create the energy form of what you desire, and employ some other processes to build the energy which is unseen reality, into visible reality. The law of attraction states that like energy attracts like energy, let’s take it further into how to convert energy into visible reality.

1. Desire: Know what you want and really want it, there is a difference between desire, needs, wants and wishes. Desire has the required intensity to drive you to get it. Create enthusiasm, passion and longing for what you truly want. Don’t be random, think about it, if you can have anything you really want in life, what will you want? Want it badly enough, and it will become a desire. To feel the desire express the desire in present tense to get the feel of it. Use statements like I’m so happy now that I have….

2. Ask: Ask God (Scientist say the Universe – But there is no universe without God). The bible says whatsoever you desire when you pray, believe that you shall receive them, and you shall have them. Simply ask, don’t be complicated, but only ask when you are certain that your desire is real, i.e you are enthusiastic about it.

3. Believe: One of the fastest ways to believe is make believe. Act like you already have it. Have faith. The strongest analogy to the expression of believing that I have seen is to behave as you would if you heard you won a lottery. The money is not yet in your hands, but the believe is there. Or if you ordered for a car on a catalogue. It’s not yet parked in your garage, but you don’t doubt that it’s on the seas and yours. Believe. Don’t ask repeatedly, once you have asked, the energy is created, just believe, it’s already a reality in the energy phase, and it’s a phase that has no record of time or size.

4. Receive: To receive requires a number of steps, but what you are doing essentially is asserting and confirming your belief in the existence of what you want as already existing in an unseen phase. To perfect the picture in the energy phase, you must begin to behave like it is yours already. This involves

a. Expressing Gratitude. The show of gratitude is a display of subconscious alignment with a position of already having. You don’t need to show gratitude only for what you are expecting, but look around you and show gratitude for what you have. Express it, feel it in your heart, feel as though you already have what you want. Say it – Thank you God. That’s the most important communication you can make with the almighty. Once your subconscious accepts it, manifestation is near, expect it.

b. Act. Acting is the only thing required for you to physically do to receive. Don’t be bothered if you don’t know what to do yet though, it is sufficient that you build the intensity of your desire. When your desire is strong enough, it will affect the quality of your work and actions. One who desires $1,000,000 dollars will do things on a different performance level with one who desires $10. Our desire affects our output. In receiving however, the action we need to take will be shown to us, usually it comes. When the creative process is at it’s peak, expect new opportunities to show up, expect new ideas, expect to meet with new people, expect to read new articles, expect something to happen. Cultivate this feeling of expectancy, because around the corner of your normal life, lies the action you will feel instinctively that you should take. When the occasion presents itself, ACT. All action requires courage.

This is the creative process. So whatever it is you desire (desire), when you pray (ask), believe (believe) that you shall receive (receive -a) and you shall receive (receive -b) – Mark 11:24

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