The horse is prepared for battle, but the victory belongs to God. Prov 21:31

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Deolu Akinyemi

“Plan and work out all you can, but expect to be lucky” is a phrase that highlights the importance of diligent effort and preparation while acknowledging that unexpected fortunate events can also play a role in achieving success. It suggests that success often involves a combination of hard work, strategic planning, and being open to serendipitous opportunities.

Practical Life Examples:

  1. Entrepreneurial Success: Imagine an entrepreneur who starts a new business. They create a detailed business plan, conduct market research, and work tirelessly to develop their product or service. While implementing their strategies, they attend a networking event, where they happen to meet an influential investor who is impressed with their idea and decides to fund the venture. The entrepreneur’s hard work and preparation paid off, and they were also fortunate to meet the right person at the right time.
  2. Career Advancement: Consider an individual who is dedicated to advancing in their career. They consistently work on improving their skills, seek additional training, and take on new challenges at work. One day, a higher position becomes available in their company, and their manager considers them for the role due to their outstanding performance and proactive attitude. Their dedication to personal growth and the timing of the job opening led to their lucky break.
  3. Personal Relationships: A person decides to actively work on expanding their social circle and attends various social gatherings and events. Through their efforts, they meet new people and make meaningful connections. During one of these gatherings, they meet someone who introduces them to their future business partner, leading to a successful partnership. Their commitment to networking and building relationships played a part in their fortunate encounter.
  4. Educational Achievement: A student puts in consistent effort to excel in their studies. They attend classes regularly, engage with the material, and seek help when needed. During a final exam, they encounter a question that aligns perfectly with a topic they studied extensively, giving them an advantage and contributing to their high score. Their dedication to studying and the fortuitous question in the exam contributed to their success.

In each of these examples, individuals put in significant effort and planning, but they also experienced a stroke of luck that played a role in their achievements. While they couldn’t control the lucky occurrences, their preparedness and diligence positioned them to take advantage of the opportunities that came their way. Embracing the idea of expecting to be lucky encourages a positive and optimistic mindset, helping individuals stay open to potential breakthroughs while working towards their goals.


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1 thought on “The horse is prepared for battle, but the victory belongs to God. Prov 21:31”

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