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Deolu Akinyemi

A few weeks ago, we shared a few thoughts together in a fellowship we usually hold every Thursday. We asked ourselves what exactly the role of God in our churches and to our societies is, and asked what God would have us do. It became quite clear to us that God was like a coach in the football match, he knows all the strategies, has all the answers, but cannot step into the feild of play. He is always on the lookout for men, or women who will express his will and pleasure. His agenda from inception has not changed – To make man in His own image and likeness, not to create man. The process of making has been in process since then, and the ultimate end of man is Godlikeness.

We shared the thoughts of great men, who were able to access the mind of God as regards taking responsibility for the will and pleasure of God here on earth. We also shared thoughts about churches that had become need centres rather than churn out solution providers into society. We lamented about a body of Christ that was going to seek solution from pastors, rather than being equipped to become solution providers. We decided not to merely run commentaries and sit on the throne of judgement, but to rather raise a standard by taking responsibility to be the expressions of God in our communities. We believe that when men see our good deeds, the glory will be given to our father in heaven. These thoughts have helped a few of us do some exciting things. We have paid up school fees for stranded parents, supported charities,tiven scholarships, and embarking in a variety of projects to create the ice breaking experience into a better life for others.

You have read about the first projects (link). Well today, I humbly introduce you to our attempt at First Sights. This project came as a result of realizing that even though it’s difficult to come up with database evidence of blind people that we know that were healed in crusades, God has actually blessed man with a technology in medicine to cure some blindness. Just a few weeks ago, we discovered that with N25,000, a child can be cured of blindness resulting from Cataract by surgery, and that an adult who may never have seen before with the same plight can be healed with N7,000 or less. The truth is that many blind people and many problems and challenges can be solved by money. It’s amazing that the bible says that money answers all things, just like wisdom answers all things.

Haven discovered this, we are embarking on our first sights project next week. We want to start with 40 Children and 20 Adults. We already have the Doctors on standby, and are working in partnership with an NGO – Leah Charity Foundation. The budget for this first run is N1,140,000 only. We have a few people who are keen on making this happen already, and you are welcome to join us.

So for all who have been asking about being a part of one thing or the other… this is an opportunity to open blind eyes, make the lame walk, and ensure the poor hear the good news.

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