The Channels through which God speaks to us

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Deolu Akinyemi

God speaks to humans! A long time ago, God’s conversations were through limited channels and specific people, but one of the things that Jesus made possible was a democratization of access to God. Back in the Old Testament days, the high priest had exclusive once-a-year access to God’s Holies of Holies, today, we can all approach God boldly. Then God spoke through prophets and select channels, now there is spiritual 5G granting access to God to everyone at the speed of light. The old ways of reaching us are not extinct, the new ways are however more abundantly available. Let’s review the ways in which God speaks with us.

  1. Scripture: The Bible is considered a source of divine revelations. It is believed to contain inspired writings that convey God’s messages, teachings, and principles to guide believers. The scriptures are not open to private interpretation, they require the help of the Holy Spirit and a revelation of Jesus. The authentic voice of God through all generations is the Son of God, as we view and interpret in the light of Christ, we catch a glimpse of what God is saying to us.
  2. Dreams and Visions: Throughout history, individuals have reported receiving divine revelations through dreams or visions. These experiences may include symbolic imagery, messages, or insights that convey spiritual truths or guidance. Jacob, Joseph, Daniel, and Peter give us examples from new and old making us realize that dreams are not history.
  3. Prophetic People operating prophetic gifts or Prophetic offices or spiritual leaders receive direct messages from God and convey them to the community. These messages may pertain to future events, moral guidance, or instructions for the community. Every prophetic utterance needs to be judged by other witnesses and needs to align with the spirit of the scriptures – Christ.
  4. Miracles and Supernatural Events: Divine revelations can occur through supernatural phenomena, such as miracles, signs, or wonders. These extraordinary events serve as a means to communicate a message or reinforce the presence and power of God. As Jesus said, miracles are an extra witness.
  5. Inner Impressions and Intuition: Some individuals may receive divine revelations through a deep sense of knowing, inner impressions, or intuition. They may experience a strong conviction or guidance in their hearts and minds that they attribute to God. Hearing from God is an act of faith.
  6. Circumstances: There are no mistakes with God, by His Spirit, He works in us to will and to do according to his pleasure. Many times, God uses our circumstances to guide and lead us. He blocks some paths and opens some doors, and everything works for our good.

This is not an exhaustive list of how God speaks. In which of these ways does God speak with you? Are there other ways He speaks to you? Feel free to share. Don’t forget to subscribe and inform your friends about this newsletter.

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Adeolu Akinyemi.

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