A Generation Sharper than Apostle Paul is Here!

I speak only of what I have heard, and all who have heard can bear me witness. I have listened to Pastors Preach on the principles of sowing and reaping, of seed time and harvest, and of the quality of your seed determining the quality of your harvest. The highest of motivational speaking, the most …

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Leverage – Friendship and Money

Today, I tried to ask myself what is the connecting point between the two things I want to talk about today. The topic I’m discussing is practical wisdom, and today we are looking at the topic – Friendship and Money, and it’s been quite tough for my mind to wrap around both concepts in one …

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Jesus is not an App!

The world does not get Jesus, and unfortunately neither do many people who claim to be Christians. Jesus did not come to introduce another religion, far from it. He was totally against the grain of religion, and differed greatly from all of them. All religions have teachers who point the way, Jesus came and said …

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