The Power of Starting Strong

The adage “beginning is half done” resonates profoundly in various aspects of life. Whether embarking on a new venture, pursuing a career, or undertaking a personal project, the initiation phase can significantly influence the trajectory of the entire journey. Much like a soaring aircraft or a sprinting athlete, the significance of starting strong cannot be …

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How to benefit from Life’s most crucial lessons hidden in plain sight.

There is a university hidden in plain sight. It is the University of Nature. There are many lessons we can learn by observation. If we just look around us and ponder, we will be wiser from observing where the creatures with not as much intelligence as we live carefree and fully. Nature has a healthy …

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How To Make a Profit From Your Anger

If you cannot control your anger, you are as helpless as a city without walls, open to attack. – Prov. 25:28 GNT Anger is one of the strongest emotions we feel, it can completely distract us and make us take irrational action and it can provide us with motivation, power, push, and drive. It all …

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For Those Planning to Build and to Impact Lives

What would you like to achieve this year? This was the question I asked my grown-up children after midnight into this morning. We took turns sharing our goals and plans and getting advice on how to structure it, so it is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound). The truth is these things are not …

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I felt so Touched!

Never Have I felt so touched! I organized a 1 hour financial mastery session with a few of my friends and colleagues yesterday and never have I felt so touched. I realized that despite all the exciting declarations of 2014 “my year of amazing things”, very few people had clear financial goals for January. I …

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Planning Your Retirement!

Do you truly want to make a difference? What can we really do to change the world? What can you do to affect and positively touch lives? The fabrics of all our dreams are cut from a desire to empower others, to leave a legacy and make a difference, but are you really doing it? Your …

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Our Best Days are Ahead

And the winner for the first Samsung Phone is – John Okoroafor! Seun will contact you to receive it. Now for the Next 3 questions, same principles apply. Question 4: “How do I check my data consumption using MTN mobile internet bundle?”. Think about it, we have moved very far from where we started as …

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