Why I’m Voting Buhari-Bakare in 2011 Elections

I wrote this article about 3 weeks ago, and it seems to have made the rounds, and is gradually becoming viral. I wrote it on the BB2011 Volunteers Group forum and titled it it, “Why We Will Win!”. I’m glad it’s creating the much needed buzz, and circulating fast. People have developed slides with it, …

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The Future Started Yesterday

“The Future Started yesterday, we are already late” – John Legend At the political round table meeting yesterday, my confidence was multiplied by 100 on the fact that come 2011 we can actually ensure that our preferred candidates win more than 60% of all the political offices in Nigeria including the very important positions. I …

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Random thoughts – 1

On Death “Zec 11:2 “Howl fir tree, for the cedar is fallen.” Unrest hits the forest when all of a sudden the crashing sound of a mighty tree is heard. For them, it announces the presense of the woodman, and each is aware once again of it’s unbreakable appointment with the edge of the axe. …

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Complainers didn’t build the Ark

One of the most annoying sites I see littered around Nigeria or even diaspora these days, is two Nigerians or more, gathering together to complain about Nigeria. It’s so easy to make friends these days, just talking rubbish about our country. Nigerians are so intelligent, we know how to conjure words together to aptly describe …

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Nigeria Bloggers Conference

The BIT Session and NNC Launch in the UK went well. It was refreshing to see people outside the shores of Nigeria benefiting from what is going on back home – we had fun, laughed out loudly, and shared wealth creating opportunities that are currently open to NNC members. Being in the UK has also …

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