How to Network Proactively

The phrase “Networking is digging a well long before you need to drink water” emphasizes the importance of building relationships and connections before you actually need them. It’s about investing time and effort into nurturing meaningful connections with others, not just for immediate gain, but for long-term support and opportunities. Practical examples can help illustrate …

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How to increase your income and manage your expenses

If you want to take control of your financial future, one key area in you need to excel in is increasing your income. If your primary income does not exceed your living expenses, then you need another source of income. One of the strategies for increasing your income is to increase your income streams. To …

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Let’s Talk About Money

Hello Friends😃 On August 6th, I will be organizing a Financial Intelligence Training Session. This is definitely going to be a fantastic time because it’s going to be more than just a seminar. We will be engaged with the following activities😃👇 – 1-hour Seminar – 4 hours Cashflow Game Session – Fun and Refreshments – …

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Why People are Rushing

Extra income, financial freedom, Own your own Business, Personal Development, More Spare time, Retirement, Build New Relationships, Help Other People, Leave a Legacy. If any of these appeal to you, then this is going to be very exciting for you. (vision board for my wife and I) What you are about to read is a …

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Staying Relevant in the 21st Century

The last few weeks have been hectic for me. So hectic, I have not been able to do that which I love – write! In these weeks however I have met with hundreds of people, in an audience and in close range, and the more I engage with people, the more I realize that the …

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Is Your Future Bright?

Once upon a time a team of young people came together to have a discussion about their future. They were in their early teens, and they seemed in a hurry to know what their future held for them. The imagined and postulated on what was possible and what was not, who will likely become what …

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Secret Fomular to Getting Lucky

The first question ought to be, what is luck, does it exist? If it doesn’t, then what are we talking about? If it does, then how can we be lucky? Is there really a secret fomular for luck? All these, reminds me of an occurence that happened lately, I had an opportunity to relay it …

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Can I Know You?

I decided to dust up one of my audios yesterday, and I’ve been listening to it since then. It’s an audio by Harvey Mackay, and it’s about building powerful networking relationships. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s an area where I believe I have serious room for improvement. Peter Drucker once said – “More business decisions …

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