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Opportunities that will make you Enemies

I have been involved in a lot of opportunities in my life, I’ve always been entrepreneurial (mum’s blood), and people are usually puzzled when I talk about the things I have been involved with. I have sold bread and egg (when I was in secondary school), barbed hair, made greeting/love cards and bookmarks, co-owned and …

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Before It’s in the NEWS

I want to reveal a secret to you, please relax. You have already gotten to open this post, so you are ahead of a long line of people who wait a little longer to read. I’m going to share my heart with you, I’ll hope you’ll read me with your heart as well. Once our …

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Is Your Future Bright?

Once upon a time a team of young people came together to have a discussion about their future. They were in their early teens, and they seemed in a hurry to know what their future held for them. The imagined and postulated on what was possible and what was not, who will likely become what …

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