Before The Year Ends

At the beginning of this year, you set many goals and expectations, there were old habits you wanted to stop, and new things you wanted to start. You believed that this year would be your best till date, there was hope and there was aspiration. This year is however about to end, and if you …

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Watch-Outs for 2013

Last Financial Intelligence Update for 2012. I want to say a big thank you for all who rode with me in 2012. I couldn’t have continued if I didn’t know you were reading and for many of you responding. Thanks for helping me be a blessing in the little way I have been, and thanks …

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Your Day Starts, When You Wake Up!

Every new day is a new opportunity. A new privilege to go about things better and more intelligently. Your life is not the time between when you are born and when you die, it’s the space between this very breath and the next. An excellent life, is a cumulative of excellent moments. In this journey …

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Random Thoughts

Today, I simply feel like freestyling, too many topics fighting in my mind for attention, I don’t want to be bound by one topic. As I reminisce over the last 11 months of this amazing year, my heart swells with gratitude to God, and is slightly punctuated by unexpressed tears gathering momentum in my tear …

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Life Lessons from My Mummy

“The essence of life is to live it, not watch it” – Adeolu Akinyemi The inspiration for this quote, is merely watching my mum, and listening out to the people whose lives she had touched. My mum was important to so many people, she was their “somebody” that made their lives better, their crosses easier …

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