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A2W Pre-Launches “Our Shop”

On the 1st of July, 2011 Avenues to Wealth pre-launches an exciting phenomena called “Our Shop”! For all who care to listen, I have informed them over and over again, that Avenues to Wealth Nigeria is yet to start. We will start officially on October 1, 2011 when we commemorate our 3rd anniversary. If you …

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From Victim to Victor

“They didn’t tell me it was like this”, “I didn’t know”, “He deliberately deceived me”, “They made it look so simple”, “It’s his fault”, “It’s her fault”. There are many shades of excuses people give as the reasons for their failure. They all have one thing in common – they give the responsibility for their …

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Opportunities and Enemies – 2

Summary Of Live Rewards for Week Ending on 28/03/2010 Rank- Platinum Leadership Event Points: 597 Previous Reports Reward Type Period(22/03/2010 to 28/03/2010) Cycle Payments $5265.09 Matching Income $855.97 Fast Start Bonuses $0.00 Total $6121.06 In the last article I analyzed a few key elements to watch out for before participating in any “opportunity”. Interestingly, I …

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Why People are Rushing

Extra income, financial freedom, Own your own Business, Personal Development, More Spare time, Retirement, Build New Relationships, Help Other People, Leave a Legacy. If any of these appeal to you, then this is going to be very exciting for you. (vision board for my wife and I) What you are about to read is a …

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The India Experience

Traveling is higher education, and for me it was exciting to have been involved in the success story of 36 Nigerians who qualified for a 7 all expense paid vacation in India and an experience of the short-stay offer in Dubai. One politician once said, matter of factly that 50% of Nigerians will never get …

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Approved for Passive Income

“A man would have to keep his mouth open a long, long time before a roasted pheasant flies into it” – Irish Proverb. It is no joke, that you need to take action if your current circumstance will change for better. No amount of complaining worrying or philosophising will change what currently exists and transform …

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