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There is a very popular story in the book of Matthew, chapter 25 in the first 13 verses. The story is that of 10 virgins. Five were documented to be wise, and five reported to be foolish. Virginity talks about purity, chastity, righteousness, holiness, uprightness and those great qualities that describe someone of great character …

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Heaven’s Blank Check!

“What do you want from me? Ask!” A human being was asked that question by God! Wow! That’s the unlimited God, asking the limited man! That’s what they call opportunity beckoning. The owner of everything, originator of all things, creator of the heavens and the earth, asks a mortal man to ask, for whatever he …

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Don’t Say It’s Not Important!

How on earth can you start a serious game without counting the scores as you play? How on earth can you not take your finances (life) serious by not keeping score? Trust me when I say it’s difficult to make any meaning out of journey without knowing where you currently are, spelling out where you …

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Why Your Friend is So Poor!

Yes, we are writing specifically about your friend on this one, this doesn’t really have to do with you. At least, that’s a better introduction to ensure that you pay attention and learn. God forbid that we say that you are poor, or even that you are rich. I remember many meetings we had as …

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