Ebola Virus – A Cure from World War Z

If you have watched the movie – World War Z, then you really pray and hope that Ebola is not as viral as the dreaded zombie disease promoted in the movie. That being said, the movie has it’s great lessons – Great lessons on outreach or evangelism, on salvation, and a number of exciting eternal themes. …

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Do You have a Terminal Ailment?

There is an ailment gaining grounds around the world, it’s been around for a while, but hadn’t been named until recently. Do you have this ailment? Have you checked to be sure you don’t? I just analyzed everyone in my family that had died at one point or the other, and it dawned on me …

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Who Will Cry When You Die?

The thought of our mortality is one of our greatest reservoirs of wisdom. When we ponder on the transient nature of life, we ask ourselves deep questions and our philosophies are formed. When the question of death is asked, our highest priorities surface. I like the thoughts of Stephen R. Covey, when he says begin …

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Random thoughts – 1

On Death “Zec 11:2 “Howl fir tree, for the cedar is fallen.” Unrest hits the forest when all of a sudden the crashing sound of a mighty tree is heard. For them, it announces the presense of the woodman, and each is aware once again of it’s unbreakable appointment with the edge of the axe. …

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