The Power of Starting Strong

The adage “beginning is half done” resonates profoundly in various aspects of life. Whether embarking on a new venture, pursuing a career, or undertaking a personal project, the initiation phase can significantly influence the trajectory of the entire journey. Much like a soaring aircraft or a sprinting athlete, the significance of starting strong cannot be …

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How to Get Your Dream Job!

This was the title of my first book. I wrote this 13yrs ago now, I found it quite exciting looking at the back cover of the book, and seeing a picture of myself at 25kg less than my current weight. I have grown in stature over the last 13 years, and like Jesus grew, I …

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Naked truth!

  What on earth is Deolu coming up with today? What is this? Well, I’m extremely sorry if it the picture offends you in any way, it’s there to do exactly what it has done, GRAB your attention! And please be true to yourself, don’t go off prentending on me, we come accross worse pictures …

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Career Opportunity: Recruitpath Season 1

This Sunday, between the hours of 3-6pm, we’ll be having the maiden edition of Recruitpath’s CVbank Career Fair. We’ll be having two visiting HR Leaders who’ll talk to us about things we can do to position ourselves for our dream jobs. For more details about this seminar, please visit, To register to come for …

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The Unknown Tomorrow

“Advertorial: Join us at the Investors Forum. Book ahead. Send a text to 08033469632 indicating your name and email.” I hope you are not postponing your life till tomorrow, because if you are, I intend to shake you a bit today! Yesterday is gone, tomorrow does not exist, when we get to tomorrow, if we …

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