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The last week has been very busy for me, guess it’s also why I haven’t been writing as frequently. I actually want to turn over a new leaf and start writing everyday again, maybe soon. Maybe much sooner than I thought. In the last 8 days, I have been involved in facilitating an HR MBA 1 Class, been organizer and part of facilitators for a 3 days Team Building Session for MTN, I’ve also spoken in one church, one youth seminar, and managed to do the other everyday things I do, including writing… but not as frequently, and there is yet plenty undone. I had conceived an idea about 3 weeks ago, of giving a few people an opportunity to do a success experiment together with me. It’s an experiment I did with some people last year that brought me good fortune. It was like a joke, but within 6 months of my participating in this experiment, a number of events took place that jolted me forward. I am certain it will do the same for you.

If you haven’t read the article I wrote on – “The Secret – Creative Process”, I advice that you read it – here. It will give you clarity on what we are about to do together here.  I’ll want you to find out one thing that you really desire. I’m sure there is more than one thing you really desire, but we’ll be focusing on one in this particular experiment. If you don’t desire anything, you’ll have an opportunity also to build up your desire for one thing. Once you have gotten this desire identified, we’ll now follow a process I’ll outline without fail for the next 40 days (starting from 6th June, 2008), and come back and share our experiences. I’ll also advice you ensure it’s something you are really not shy about, you can do the shy one’s to yourself for now, but you can put one out here as the one we are looking out for together. Shy one’s may include desiring a husband or desiring a wife, that’s achievable as well, but all depends on you. Share what you can, as a show of being in this experiment with us.

These are the detailed steps for this experiement.

Ask God for your desire, and then follow these steps.

1. Write out your one desire using this template – I am so happy, excited and grateful now that I have/own/ __________________ (a Range Rover Sport HSE). My ___________________ (Range Rover Sport HSE) will be used for the highest good of all, and everybody else that participates with me in this, will have their desires met.

Please make sure that it is a desire that when you get can be measured. Also make sure it’s something you can conceive having within the next 6 months. Refuse to answer the question of how though, just ensure the desire is truly a desire. To fuel your desire, go check it out, go online, go to the store, make enquiries. Fuel the desire.

2. Put it on your phone as a reminder to say it every morning for the next 40 days. Also spend some time visualizing it. You can get the picture of your desire and make it your desktop and your screen saver. Also find somewhere on your computer that you will see everyday to write out the same thing. The fastest way to believe is to make believe. See yourself in it, visualize it. The mind and body do not know the difference between imaginary and real, whatever your subconscious accepts will ultimately become reality. Don’t just say it, say it with emotion, feel it. Feel the way you’ll feel if you have actually ordered for it on a catalogue and are just waiting for it to arrive.

3. Stay focused for the next 40 days,we can increase it if we have to, but stay focused. Don’t answer the question of how, but be on the look out. In the next 40 days, you should meet with someone, site an opportunity somewhere, get a phone call or email, or be invited for a seminar that will gradually take you to your desire. Wait for the moment, and when your instincts align, take action. In the course of those 40 days, bookmark this page, and tick the box on the comments area to receive people’s comments on your email, this way we can keep tab on each other and keep encouraging each other.

You can group a number of things with this experiment by yourself, but you can show camaraderie by just stating your one desire here in the comments using the template prescribed… and let’s look out for each other. Don’t worry about time, there is no time in the energy or spirit realm- there is also no size, so nothing is too big and nothing is too fast and vice versa.

We have 40 days, and we start counting from Friday 6th June, 2008. So that we can spend the next 4 days adequately preparing ourselves or getting everything set. We can also start ahead, so we can have a head start. I wish you all the best, as you get set. Let’s do this together!

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