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Advertorial: Speaking in this event are Fela Durotoye, Praise Fowowe, Adeolu Akinyemi, Tosan Jemide (Cakes), Tara Feladurotoye, Toyosi Akerele and Professor Pat Utomi. The event will hold on Saturday teh 20th of September, 2008. It’s young people gathering to talk about their sexuality. Plan to attend! It’s a New Nigeria backed and sponsored event! If statistics says that 75million Nigerians will be leaving with HIV AIDS by 2020, we should be interested1

Here are some thoughts from the convener, Praise Fowowe.
For a long time we have all kept quiet waiting for someone else to be responsible for our responsibility. We looked up to the 1st world countries for aids and we got AIDS in return. Now we need them to help us mop the effect of the virus in Africa.

We all know the truth but try to run away from it. We have forgotten the adage that says if you don’t know where you are going at least you must remember where you are coming from. Where are we coming from Nigerians?

-The original African woman tied wrapper in those days as they go about their businesses (no bra or whatsoever) yet it was a taboo for the original African man to violate her.

-The fear of the deity was the beginning of wisdom for most of our ancestors because we have a family heritage that must be protected so it was a taboo to see teenage pregnancy.

-Every wedding night there was usually the white bed spread to determine the status of the new bride so it was a culture for the young babes in Africa to keep their virginity till their wedding night.

-There was dignity of labour so every African woman worked real hard to fend for their families. They had the same body but never saw their vagina as a means of making money

But now?

-The modern man now could attribute his helplessness to the micro-mini wearing lady as a reason for rape.

-The modern lady now sees her body and vagina as a means to getting what she wants.

-Virginity is no longer in vogue so sex has now been reduced to fun.

-There is no respect for the modern lady because with a litre of ice-cream or with less than 5k the modern man feels he could lay any lady to satisfy his wandering hormones.

-Is it not shameful that 192 out of 200 Nigerian youths surveyed were sexually abused and have been involved with more than one sexual partner?

The unfortunate thing is that we still depend on the 1st world people to help us out of the HIV/AIDS scourge when they haven’t helped themselves. Or how do we explain the fact that incest is no longer a big deal in some American states?

The question we really need to ask is ‘Are we really interested in solving AIDS problems or we are just out to make money just like they say ‘There is an opportunity in every adversity’?

How come we pay lip service to the truth and organize conferences when we have no solutions? We all know what happened in Uganda and how they solved their problems. Is it not challenging enough that today 40000 Ugandan students gather every week to strengthen their sexuality and stay committed to abstinence to preserve their country?

What is Nigeria doing?

The truth is that we can no longer wait for anybody to help us because the change that doesn’t take place in and with us won’t be sustainable. The bad news is that while the fall of the people before us was a fall into syphilis and other STIs which were treatable our fall is the fall into HIV which has no cure. Do we still fold our arms?

Do we know that there is a projection that says ‘If nothing is done, by 2020, 75million Nigerians would have been living with HIV? Do we still fold our arms?

How many more lives are we going to lose? How many more children would be orphaned in Nigeria as a result of HIV/AIDS?

I think it is time to Arise oh! Compatriots and preserve the future. It is time to say no to what they have told us and come up with our own solutions for our problems. It is time to say and talk about sex the way it is and get the truth into our system. Remember we are not just doing it for ourselves but for generations unborn as well.

I am certain you don’t want to imagine a nation with 75million of her work-force living with HIV? And that is why we have invited the best brains who are young, trendy, and successful and holding their body to share with us at this inaugural sexuality conference.

For the first time 2000 Nigerians will gather to declare their sexuality and come up as a positive force to restore our lost values. Every participant will emerge as a positive force as we seek to restore dignity, respect and purity into our nation.

We are not just dreaming we are living the dream because we have a dream that by Dec.31st 2025 the highest number of virgins shall be found in Nigeria.

It doesn’t matter where you have been or what you have done. Together we can start afresh because a new chapter of the book called your life is about to be opened.

It would be our pleasure to receive you at this year’s SEX 2 SEX SUMMIT@ LTV 8 COMBO HALL AGIDINGBI IKEJA on Staurday 20th September 2008, 9am prompt. You can register with a comment on this site or visit to register. It is absolutely free.

Nigeria is about to make history and now is our time to get it done the right way.

See you there.
Praise Fowowe

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