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Deolu Akinyemi

Today is the last day of this month, by tomorrow, the last month of the year will start, and before we all know it, the year would end. This year has been the best year of my life so far, and somehow I’m persuaded beyond any doubt that the last days of the year are going to be crowned with goodness. I know that in the last month of this year, many expecations are still going to be met, many people’s prayers will still be answered, many unfinished goals will be achieved and dreams will still come through and true! I’m about to embark on a 30 days journey of success, and I want you to come with me.

When I say this year has been good, it’s on all counts. Just this morning for example, I had the privilege of giving out a gift of an all expense paid vacation to two people, and not the first time this year. This year, I have gotten to meet and built great relationships with fantastic people, people I had never met have become my friends and partners. This year  I have also enjoyed financial progress, enjoyed freedom, enjoyed a number of vacations, watched my kids, family and friends make progress. This year I have heard a lot of thank yous, a lot of God bless yous and so much gratitude has filtered into my life.  This year, my mum stepped up to glory, and even though not here, I feel peace when I draw inspiration from her life. Very importantly too, this year, I have experienced God’s grace, guidance, protection, leading and wisdom in ways too amazing and numerous to describe.  As this year wraps up however, I have a mandate to help a few more people achieve their goals and dreams, meet their future partners, attract wealth, be a blessing to someone else, whatever it is that’s going to crown your year with goodness. All you need to do is simple and brief.

In the next 31 days starting from the 1st of  December 2009, I will be committing to reading a particular book for 1hr daily, and sharing my thoughts with you here on this post. I will like you to join me in this exercise and let’s learn together and ultimately earn together. This book is one book that has had the greatest influence on my life financially! I confidently assure you that if you read this book and follow it’s instructions, your finances will not remain the same. The book has the powers to destroy your old mindsets and set you up to succeed, particularly financially. The good thing however is that the principles are applicable to any areas of life where you need closure on your dreams. All I need from you is commitment to this process and I can guarantee that you’ll have good news to share before this year ends. I will also like us to share our insights and testimonies here as well. I’m sure you are wondering which book, it’s a book I can send to you electronically  as soon as you request it. It’s a book that is worth millions of dollars to me, based on what I’m certain it has created and yet has the capacities to create.

If you are interested in Joining me for any 30days within the 31 days, kindly send me an email at deoluakinyemi at so I can forward the e-book to you. As soon as we start reading, you can bookmark this page, and let’s daily come here to share our thoughts and learnings and to learn from each other. Let me sound this clearly though, the first step in achieving anything is belief, if you believe, all things are possible! If you don’t believe this process can work for you, please don’t bother, but if it resonates with your heart and you feel there is something in this process that will lead to the answer you seek. Come with me, let’s run with this together. Please don’t be a mere spectator, be in the race!

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