PT 2 4 Life lessons on overcoming low times and making progress

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Deolu Akinyemi


Part 2 ….


From the lens of the Lepers. We first have to realize that these lepers represent many of us.




1. Do you feel left out? Do you feel like you are caught between a rock and a hard place? Do you feel like there is nothing in your current level and if you don’t take dramatic and drastic shots you may not have much going forward? Analyze your current realities and make a move.

3. Those with something to lose, usually don’t gain much. Our boldest moves are made when we remodel the equation between our current realities and future possibilities.

4. Success usually comes knocking the night after “if I perish I perish”. When we realize we have nothing to lose and cast off our restraints, we suddenly realize abundance has been waiting for us. For some of us, this bold move was the reason for our salvation.




1. Once we make this move, and step into the abundance possible. Either an abundance of true life or an abundance of resources, abundance follows the courageous move to seek a new life. For those who find abundant life, the riches of christ is more than enough, the joy of the spirit is palpable and every day feels better than good. To those who find abundant resources, they suddenly realize all things are possible and there better be more to life

2. Many stories of people who made a move, and it paid out big time. Call it the hand of providence or outrightly say it is God’s hand at work, but shortly before you make a move, provision had been made.




1. Somewhere down the abundance lane, a guilty feeling develops. No good thing is for the discoverer alone. We are blessed to be a blessing to others

2. If it is a Salvation that you have found, you need to share it. If it is wealth that you have found, you need to create a way for it to bless others. You owe others the opportunity to enjoy the grace you enjoy.


Disbelief and Doubt


1. Expect disbelief. People will not believe your good news. They will not believe your story. They will call it a scam, a trap, in fact, they have seen the type before and know how it will end.

2. Expect that people will be critical, but still share. Some people will try, and the early adopters will increase the voice of those who believe.

3. Those who want to share what they see consistently can’t worry about likes and comments. You need to build the resolve to share, no matter how it is received. Someone out there is testing it out and finding serious value.

So, if you feel left out and not where you desire to be, don’t lose hope. There is a sound in a camp right now, that is making room for you. Take the step of faith! Remember, all you need is a decision and action. Don’t forget to subscribe and share with friends, and don’t forget to pay it forward.



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